Lodge 49 Recap: Chutes And Ladders

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 20, 2019 (Last updated: November 14, 2023)
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Lodge 49 season 2 episode 2 recap: "The Slide"


“The Slide” was funny, charming and heartwarming, as “going down the chute” proves to be a lot of fun.

This recap of Lodge 49 Season 2, Episode 2, “The Slide”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Dud (Wyatt Russell) has a new business plan. And as is typical of Dud, the plan is terrible. After stealing pool-cleaning equipment from Booie’s (Sam A Coleman) truck, he runs through his dad’s Rolodex of old clients — with an apologetic Ernie (Brent Jennings) as his chaperone — and attempts to undercut Pool Party business by cleaning the neighborhood pools for nothing. It’s charity work, basically, but it’s enough to make Dud feel as though he’s getting back out into the world. It’s also enough to annoy the Pool Party team to such an extent that Booie attacks Dud.

More on that in a minute, since “The Slide” has plenty more going on. At the Lodge, Scott (Eric Allan Kramer) wants to exceed London’s expectations for the place, but nobody wants him as a leader; he’s continuously butting heads with Blaise (David Pasquesi) and Jocelyn (Adam Godley), and the tavern is increasingly empty. Despite this, it’s fairly easy for the viewer to side with Scott here. Blaise’s idea of bartending is to trade drinks for lemons that Dud received as payment for cleaning pools.

In England, Connie (Linda Emond) is still struggling with writer’s block, and her blindfolded meetings with the local bigwig aren’t helping. But her blossoming friendship with Clara (The Walking Dead‘s Pollyanna McIntosh) is working a treat. In her absence, though, Scott and Ernie are both struggling — the latter might temporarily adopt the mantra “Life is good” in “The Slide”, but he’s also quick to dive into a bottle as he struggles to move on from his misadventures in Mexico. “The Slide” ends with he and Dud getting wasted, and Ernie promising to explain all the things that happened there. But that’s for next week.

Liz is in a weird place in “The Slide”. She believes that’s what she’s on; she’s “going down the chute”, and why not embrace the descent? Hence, her idiotic spiritualist ex Bobby (Trent Garrett) is staying in her apartment, and she’s still working for the temp agency in the employ of the deeply eccentric Dr. Kimbrough (Bronson Pinchot). But an opportunity presents itself when the good doctor is taken away by the FBI, leaving Liz in possession of both his Mercedes and his credit card.

After Dud is assaulted by Booie, Liz flies off the handle, crashing Kimbrough’s Merc into the Pool Party van and tearing down their signage in a frenzy. The whole sequence — which is brilliant, and the clear highlight of “The Slide” — is shot like a battle scene from a war movie, with a shellshocked Dud being dragged to cover while Liz and the rest of the gang take on the upper-crust villains. Afterward, a deal is brokered by pawnbroker Burt (Joe Grifasi); both parties agree not to press charges as long as Team Pool Party let go of their lease. Liz pays the brokerage fee on Kimbrough’s credit card.

All in all, then, and as expected, “The Slide” was a fine episode of Lodge 49; funny, heartfelt — in particular during a scene in which Dud challenges Liz’s “going down the chute” mentality — and with the promise of plenty more anarchy to come. TV’s most slept-on show might be even better than it was before.

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