David Makes Man Recap: The Scenic Route

August 22, 2019
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David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 2 recap: "Dai Out" | RSC


Tonight’s episode of David Makes Man shows us just how stressful a “Dai Out” with our titular character can be.

This recap of David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 2, “Dai Out” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

“Dai Out” begins with our titular character escorting JG to his grandfather’s house and Raynan tagging along with them. Brotherly connections are a theme in tonight’s episode. We discover that the boys don’t have the same father. Meanwhile, we get a bit of context on Dai and Raynan’s connection. Sky was Ray’s father and Dai’s mentor. It explains why Ray kept referring to David as his brother last week. Nonetheless, these two have one of the most interesting dynamics on the show.

Raynan tells David that he holds nothing against him for falling asleep during the night watch, but the two need to talk to his uncle (Elvis Nolasco) to straighten the incident out. Tio-Teo is about to tear into Raynan when David takes the blame. Tio-Teo appreciates David’s strength so much that he wants him to work for him. David says he’s not into dealing or moving drugs. Tio-Teo insists that David had to have learned some things from Sky, right? Raynan tries to calm Dai’s nerves but fails miserably.

The lengthy trip begins. David makes a pit stop to spray air freshener on himself to keep the scent of the weed off of him. He has no money to catch the bus, and his phone dies. During Dai’s trip, he runs into a sex worker named Femi, who gives him a bottle of water. Starry, a boy around David’s age who was hanging out with Femi and her crew, goes with David to make sure he gets home safe. Starry even pays for David’s bus ride.

We find out that Starry is coming to live with Mx. Elijah, so we’ll likely see more of him in the future. Dai finally makes it over to Shinobi’s to deliver the package. As he makes the corner to see him, Sky makes his debut, and he’s not pleased with what his mentee has been up to today. David apologizes over and over to Sky while a confused Shinobi watches him talk to himself. With the day finally done, a guilty Dai stares at the ceiling as his mother announces that she is back home from work.

“Dai Out” slowed down the pace to establish character dynamics, and it was a success. All we can do at this point is hope our titular character makes it out of this in one piece, but I think that’ll be easier said than done.

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