Pearson Recap: Biggest, Baddest Operator Around

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 29, 2019 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
Pearson Season 1, Episode 7 - The Immigration Lawyer


Pearson Season 1, Episode 7, “The Immigration Lawyer” is the most effective chapter yet, as Jessica questions her ambitions and Bobby is worried about Pat.

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Dark secrets are nearly in Jessica’s (Gina Torres) grasp in Episode 7. On the tape that was given to Bobby, you can hear Nicky admit that Tommy is dead. It’s an admission of murder.

Nicky is reeling from McGann’s bombshell in “The Immigration Lawyer”. He confronts Pat, seething from his blackmail. Bobby tries to show who is boss by doing a press conference on the new Icarus deal, which will create more jobs. Jessica lurks in the background; she knows there’s a bigger secret between Pat, Nicky and Bobby. A secret that even Keri does not know. It gets desperate as he loses his investment with the billionaire Albert Chan.

Jessica wants Frank Cramer to take over the Icarus project to make up for what she did to him, and in return, she wants to know about Tommy’ disappearance. Derrick speaks to Jessica about Frank Cramer and asks her to drop the deal because Bobby made a commitment to give a certain percentage of contracts to black business — a pledge that has not been delivered. He accuses Jessica of being transactional rather than doing what is right. To make the deal work, Jessica gives Frank’s business partner, who is a person of colour, an investment so she can half of the Icarus business and fulfil the pledge.

Episode 7 sees Nicky frightened of the tape getting leaked so confronts Pat — they fight, and Nicky leaves Pat with broken ribs, forcing Pat to call the police.

Leaving Bobby no choice, he suspends Nicky without pay. Pat, now confident he has them both rattled, visits Bobby and threatens to use the tape. Pat wants the Icarus project and demands that Bobby goes to Seattle to make that deal. This means Bobby cannot enjoy time away in LA with Keri.

Jessica believes she has a hunch in “The Immigration Lawyer”, asking Nicky if he killed Tommy for McGann. Looking at his anguished face, she declares, “let me help you!”.

As a final point about Pearson Season 1, Episode 7, “The Immigration Lawyer”, Yoli deals with her personal situation. After sitting down with an immigration lawyer to help her mother, she realises she has been conned. Derrick tells her to go to Jessica, or he will.

Audit Records

  • Angela and her family are making themselves at home at Jessica’s apartment.
  • Jessica wonders if she’s the same woman who ran the law firm.

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