David Makes Man Recap: A Day in the Life Like Mother, Like Son



Tonight’s episode of David Makes Man focuses on David’s mother, “Gloria”, and what a typical day for her looks like.

This recap of David Makes Man Episode 4, “Gloria”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Today’s episode opens with Gloria at her job at the diner. She tells a regular customer there that she plans on moving closer to the gifted high school David’s planning to attend. After a meeting with her boss, Gloria is promoted to assistant manager, until we find out that she’s just daydreaming. In reality, Gloria’s customers aren’t as interactive with her, she gets no tips, and her manager isn’t quite so nice. Her boss chastises her, saying that not many people would take on someone with a “past like hers.” The scene quickly becomes uncomfortable as Gloria’s boss begins to harass her. As she tries to pull away, he grabs her arm. Gloria winds up falling and injuring herself. Hopefully, a worker’s compensation suit is coming?

So far, it doesn’t look like it. A doctor’s trip reveals that Glo’s bruised ribs have the doctor recommending she stay on bed rest for a week. Considering that the family lives check to check, that can’t happen. Gloria also reveals that she won’t take pain meds due to her past struggle with addiction, but not all seems lost. Walter, a man from the diner who had flirted with her earlier, is waiting for her at the doctor’s office! But wait, that’s another fantasy too. With a sigh, Glo sucks it up and heads back to work. Jay, fed up with Gloria’s “attitude” (but most likely angry over her rebuffing him), fires her.

In a brief side-story in David Makes Man Episode 4, a distraught Gloria wants Mx. Elijah to look after David, but they’re too busy trying to help Star find a job. Unfortunately, the interviewer rejects the two of them, aware that they’re LGBT and unsympathetic to their plight. Gloria heads to a pharmacy, tempted to buy pills. Thankfully, she manages to stay strong. On the bus, the sight of a young girl uncomfortable around a very touchy older man disturbs Glo. The two make eye contact, but Glo chooses not to do anything about it. Was this a real thing Gloria witnessed or was it perhaps her remembering what happened to her when she was a young girl? After all, Gloria is a fantasizer, and we see who David gets his vivid imagination from.

fire after wetting the bed again. After reprimanding JG, the two head into the house. Meanwhile, David returns home from school. Raynan reveals to him that Tio, impressed with his successful “drop off,” wants him to come work for him full time. So much for “just one job.” In the apartment, Glo confronts David over JG wetting the bed. Talk turns to Glo discussing the day’s events. We see that she bought some toys for JG. Gloria insists that they let JG be a kid for as long as he possibly can, but in an environment like this, it’s easier said than done.

Mx. Elijah invites Gloria to come to a ball with them, but the building is locked. Glo suggests to Mx. Elijah that they get the ball started anyway. They sing and dance to Janelle Monae’s “Sincerely, Jane” and they have a good time… until, that’s right, it’s just a fantasy. Glo turns down Mx. Elijah’s invite, citing that she can’t just go out and party like she used to now that she’s a mother. There’s a slight bit of tension between her and Mx. Elijah, hinting that the former resents the latter for not properly protecting her when they were younger. One last scene in David Makes Man Episode 4 shows Gloria take a late-night trip to the pharmacy, where it looks like she may give in to temptation and relapse. Does she? The episode ends before we get an answer.

Tonight’s episode of David Makes Man was a (mostly) standalone episode that showed what a tour-de-force Alana Arenas is as Gloria. She’s a woman with big aspirations and an infinite amount of love for her boys, but she has her struggles to overcome just like everyone else. Hopefully, Gloria made the right choice in the pharmacy that night, but only time will tell.

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