Pearson Recap: An Uncomfortable Flight

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 5, 2019
Pearson Season 1, Episode 8 - The Political Wife


Pearson Season 1, Episode 8, “The Political Wife” deals with three different story strands, but it turns out to be the best chapter of the series so far.

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Okay, I admit it. I like Pearson. It took me a few episodes to embrace it, but now that the characters are developing, this is a good show.

Episode 8, “The Political Wife” pits Bobby’s women against each other. Once Stephanie (Betsy Brandt) learns that Keri (Bethany Joy Lenz) is going on the trip to the American Mayoral Summit, she becomes angry and is determined to do the speech in Bobby’s place. If you revert to last week, Bobby has to sort out the Icarus deal for Pat.

At the Summit, the tension is unbearable to watch. Both characters convey coldness through the screen, and I was impressed by the performances. Each sip of a drink, a response to a question, and even a smile felt uncomfortable. Later in the day, Stephanie breaks while asking for help with the speech, and reveals she knew about her husband’s affair all along. She asks Keri what’s wrong with her, with the line, “you let yourself sit around and scrape for scraps”.

As for Angela, Jessica’s cousin, she is struggling with her night shifts and helping her neighbours with food. She rings Jessica, who is unfortunately too busy at present to help, and this sparks an emotional reaction from Angela, who decides she’s going to leave Jessica’s apartment. I felt this was an overreaction; Jessica may be rich, but she’s given up her home for a family she barely knew so they did not survive on the streets.

The major talking point in Episode 8 is Yoli’s issue with her mother. Yoli finally tells Jessica about her mother, who is being detained with ICE. Jessica wants to put media heat on the judge, but Derrick refuses. Jessica visits Yoli’s mother at the ICE detention centre and becomes suspicious — she believes Yoli’s mother is withholding something. Yoli is too emotionally attached to the situation and lashes out at Jessica, so the ex-lawyer has to ask Derrick to retrieve the information off Yoli.

Back to Keri and Stephanie; Keri drinks herself into a haze at the Summit and decides to go back upstairs and confront Stephanie. She turns the question back at Bobby’s wife and asks “what’s wrong with you? Why did you stay?”. The next day Stephanie cannot do the speech because she is ill, but Keri helps her back to her feet to ensure she can do it. The pair make up in the end, but Stephanie never gives a concrete answer to what happens next.

As for Yoli’s mother; we learn she killed two gang members who were a threat to a toddler Yoli before fleeing from Mexico. Jessica gets her to sign an affidavit to seek asylum. She reads the affidavit to Yoli, who does not want to believe it, but Jessica presents the fact that her mother did not want to see her daughter view her in a different light.

Life is complicated for Jessica, because at the end of Pearson Season 1, Episode 8, “The Political Wife” she returns to her apartment to see everyone has gone.

Audit Records

  • Nicky buys a gun from the black market.
  • Jessica has a call with Louis Litt to help out Yoli.

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