Undone Season 1 Review: Amazon Series Links Time With Emotions Satisfyingly

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 11, 2019 (Last updated: January 24, 2023)
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Amazon Prime Series Undone Season 1


With an impressive voice cast and great use of colours, Amazon Prime Series Undone Season 1 combines a scientific arc with an emotional subplot.

Without sounding ridiculously vague, Amazon Prime Series Undone Season 1 is an animation that does not feel like an animation. The impressive colors and scene settings brought to you by the same people that did BoJack Horseman is uncannily human-like. Without swerving on irony, the lead character Alma is played by Rosa Salazar, who gave us a human likeness in Alita: Battle Angel and that same feeling is found in Undone; Rosa has undoubtedly found her niche.

The series also features Jacob Winograd, her father, played by Bob Odenkirk, and it feels like he is literally pinched out of Better Call Sauland placed in Undone as an animated version of himself.

The uncanny likeness works. Amazon series Undone is a complex story that relies on the character’s emotional outlets to pitch the story. It combines childhood issues with sibling rivalry and dreams soured by the millennial way of life, tirelessly commuting with no end in sight. The core of Undone is finding a true purpose, tapping into your past and finding the underlying issues to your entire makeup, and it is led by the character Alma satisfyingly.

In terms of the opening premise, Undone Season 1 captures Alma’s life on the verge of a breakdown; every day feels the same — boring, repetitive, routine, and skirts on the experience that most people expect the average person to have. But it’s not for her. Alma’s sister is happy and ready to marry, but there’s a hole. The story starts to bear fruit in the opening episode when Alma is involved in a car accident, and before impact, she sees her deceased father. From here, the audience is presented layers of an entirely new perspective for Alma — a world not determined by linear time.

From here, Undone gathers pace with its ideology based on the characters’ beliefs. Each chapter is emotional at its core, relying on human nature rather than science. Each Episode flies by reasonably quickly, clocking in on average at 22 minutes each, but you will be consumed by the surreality of the story so much that it is easy to treat it like one sizeable feature-length film.

In a streaming market that is becoming more and more saturated with each month that passes, I’d genuinely recommend you give Amazon Prime series Undone Season 1 a try.

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