The Capture Recap: Believe It When You See It Against the Clock



“Toy Soldier” proved riveting and tense, with a fair few surprises, including the reveal of a big name cast member who is surely up to no good.

This recap of The Capture Episode 2, “Toy Soldier”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

“Toy Soldier”, the second episode of BBC One’s taut, twisty who-edited-it, ratchets up the tension by deploying the age-old arbitrary time limit technique. MI5 muckety-mucks arrive to complicate the case of Lance Corporal Shaun Emery (Callum Turner) having presumably assaulted and kidnapped his gorgeous high-profile barrister Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock), whisking away the damning surveillance footage that he claimed had been doctored to show him committing yet another crime he didn’t actually commit.

This leaves surging DI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) in a bit of a pickle. With no footage, no dead body, and no other evidence, she has nothing on which to hold Shaun. And if Shaun can’t be held, he’s free to conduct his own investigations into what happened – and to potentially embroil himself with a governmental conspiracy that it’s becoming increasingly obvious is the real culprit behind Hannah’s disappearance.

A big chunk of “Toy Soldier” is devoted to both Carey and her team — DS Patrick Flynn (Cavan Clerkin) and DS Nadia Latif (Ginny Holder), neither particularly trusting of her – and Shaun himself on their own off-the-books surveillance jobs. Shaun, with the help of his mate Mat (Tommy McDonnell) and an electric toothbrush, is able to uncover that someone as yet unidentified has been rooting around Hannah’s swanky Fulham apartment.

As Shaun sets off in pursuit of the intruder, we begin the clear stand-out sequence of The Capture Episode 2, which has Shaun give chase in a cab that turns out to be driven by a very talented actor, who delivers him to a safehouse rendezvous. Carey, having called in a few favors from her touchy-feely married boss Danny Hart (Ben Miles), is able to track him all the way using CCTV cameras. Poring over a bank of monitors, watching him pull up outside the building and be led inside, she’s confident of having located her man – that’s until Flynn and Latif, parked outside the address, reveal that whatever she’s seeing on her screens isn’t what’s happening in reality.

In case you weren’t riveted enough, The Capture Episode 2 ends with a last-minute stinger – Toy Soldier has been contained, we’re informed, as the camera takes in the droopy mug of none other than Ron Perlman. The moony enormity of his face alone provides enough gravitational pull to drag us back next week.

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