The I-Land Recap: Remember Remember

September 12, 2019
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Rife with flashbacks, “The Cloud Capp’d Towers” devotes its time to flashing out its remaining characters and their potential relationships.



Rife with flashbacks, “The Cloud Capp’d Towers” devotes its time to flashing out its remaining characters and their potential relationships.

This recap of The I-Land Season 1, Episode 5, “The Cloud Capp’d Towers”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Everyone is beginning to remember in The I-Land Episode 5, and “The Cloud Capp’d Towers” is littered with flashbacks that help to expand on the backstories of all the remaining survivors. The first belongs to Blair (Sibylla Deen) who, as predicted, slaughters the suffering residents of the hospital where she works.

KC (Kate Bosworth), who is something of a focus in “The Cloud Capp’d Towers”, has many flashbacks to a whirlwind romance she enjoyed with a man named Jordan she met while waitressing at a Texas saloon. The problem is that KC was married to Rick, an unemployed abuser with whom she shared two children. In a lengthy montage, she enjoys numerous liaisons with Jordan until one day she arrives to find him gone, having returned to Chicago and left her a note to join him there. Having plucked up the courage, she tells Rick, who half-drowns her in the sink and promises her she’ll never see her sons again. Distraught, she drugs her children and drives them into a body of water, returning home to stab herself in front of Rick.

Meanwhile in The I-Land Episode 5, Chase (Natalie Martinez) explores room 39 of the island’s hotel. Behind a painting, she finds a land deed and photographs; of what she assumes is her old home, of her and her mother, and weirdly of her and Cooper (Ronald Peet). Later, Cooper, having overheard Bonnie and Clyde discuss going “off-script”, arrives at the hotel and begins to recall a life with Chase when he goes over the photos with her.

What we see of Moses’s (Kyle Schmid) past in “The Cloud Capp’d Towers” is also telling. Boasting a tasteful ponytail, he rants about the one-percent, presumably as slim justification for his plans to blow up a pipeline. But his eco-terrorism backfires when the bomb accidentally kills eight people on an engineering tour. Having remembered his own past, he can’t judge KC when she opens up to him. Together they decide to move on and to find Chase.

On the beach, Donovan (Anthony Lee Medina) becomes increasingly weird with Blair, eventually kneeling to propose to her. In his flashback, we see him become dangerously obsessed with a colleague. After she reports him to HR, he strangles her in the bathroom. It seems he has similar affections for Blair, but Mason (Gilles Geary) intentionally interrupts them by firing the flare gun.

And then there’s Taylor (Kota Eberhardt). Having dragged the raft back out to the water in the hope of escaping, she finds herself on another island, badly injured. While dropping in and out of consciousness, we see flashbacks to her robbing a bank with her boyfriend, and her present-day situation becoming increasingly weird. She wakes up to a wooden bowl of what is labeled as chicken soup, which she hungrily gobbles. When Bonnie and Clyde arrive to chastise her for attempting to leave, they explain that “Two-Land” only has one inhabitant: A cannibal. The final shot of “The Cloud Capp’d Towers” is Taylor removing the bandage on her hand to reveal her fingers are missing.

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