The I-Land Recap: It’s Time To Kill Half the Cast

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 12, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
The I-Land (Netflix) Season 1, Episode 6 recap: "The Great Globe Itself"


Past and present collide in “The Great Globe Itself” has several characters meet their demise and the truth of some relationships is revealed.

This recap of The I-Land Season 1, Episode 6, “The Great Globe Itself”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

In a fiery pre-credits sequence, “The Great Globe Itself” opens with KC (Kate Bosworth) imagining her sons burning down the village. Of course, it’s really her, as Moses (Kyle Schmid) desperately tries to explain as he prys the torch from her grasp. Bonnie and Clyde look on all the while: “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

The I-Land Episode 6, like the previous installment, doesn’t skimp on the flashbacks. But here we start to see them hook up with the present. As a little girl, Chase (Natalie Martinez) is chastised by her abusive, alcoholic mother for getting bullied and being weak; we later see her training in martial arts, one assumes as a wildly overcompensatory response. But Chase’s mother doesn’t like that either, claiming she looks like a linebacker and demeaning her further. Now, Chase thinks, is probably a good time to announce she’s joining the Marines.

In the Marines, she evidently meets Cooper (Ronald Peet). We see their initial meet-cute, which I’m sure is against regulations, and then we see an explosion that mangles Cooper’s face. After the war, they settle together in the ranch we’ve seen in the photographs, but Cooper’s facial disfigurement has ruined his confidence and pride. The ranch is leased by Chase’s psychopathic mother, and since we’ve repeatedly seen her being shot throughout the season, it doesn’t take a genius to work out the chain of events here. Nevertheless, “The Great Globe Itself” explains them anyway. While visiting Chase’s mother to ask her to extend the ranch’s lease, she continues to insult and belittle Cooper, eventually pulling a gun on him. During a struggle, Cooper accidentally shoots her and stages the event to look like a break-in — an event which, presumably, Chase took the fall for.

On the beach, Mason (Gilles Geary) has hurt his leg and is being treated by Blair (Sibylla Deen), much to the annoyance of Donovan (Anthony Lee Medina), who eventually strangles him. Before that, we see another flashback of Mason in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting, attempting suicide but failing to pluck up enough courage to pull the trigger, which is typical, really. Donovan does such an appalling job of hiding Mason’s body that Blair sees it instantly, but she’s switched on enough to feign interest in him for long enough to grab the flare gun, which she fires point-blank into his chest. And just like that, we’re down two cast members.

During the flashback that revealed the truth about Chase’s mother’s death, Cooper accidentally shot Moses, who, along with KC, had met up with the two of them at the hotel. Out of nowhere, Bonnie and Clyde arrive and intervene. Earlier in The I-Land Episode 6, it had been revealed that the simulation’s overseers had realized that the so-called marshalls were up to no good. In this sequence, in which Bonnie and Chase and Cooper and Clyde all fight, Bonnie and Clyde end up on the receiving end of some spears and wink out of existence, though it remains unclear whether that’s because they were “dead” or intentionally pulled out of the simulation. We haven’t seen that dematerialization happen to any of the other islanders who have died, so the smart money suggests we might see those two again.

In the final sequence of “The Great Globe Itself”, an injured Chase staggers onto the beach, where she’s able to force herself out of the simulation again — she wakes up back at the prison.

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