The Last Kids on Earth Book 1 (Season 1) Review: Making The Apocalypse Fun It's Time To Survive, But Also Have Fun



The Last Kids on Earth Book 1 presents a fun version of a monster-infested apocalypse, with an energetic, young character.

Netflix Series The Last Kids on Earth Book 1 (Season 1) will be released on Netflix on September 17, 2019. 

Honestly, when I saw the description for Netflix series The Last Kids on Earth I was wondering if I needed to be exposed to another monster/zombie related storyline. I’m not the type to consider a possibility of “fatigue” because I’m a 28-year old adult watching film and TV, which is a privilege, not a route to victimizing myself, but we have had a lot of Zombie-related story strands in recent years.

But alas, The Last Kids on Earth, based on the book series of the same name by Max Brallier, is refreshing. The animated Netflix series, which can be watched by kids and adults alike, makes the apocalypse fun.

We have become accustomed to the world of zombies taking over and the grim, depressing reality that follows for our characters, but Netflix Animated Series The Last Kids on Earth compels you to have fun with it.

It helps that the lead character, Jack Sullivan (voiced by Nick Wolfhard) is the epitome of energy and naivety. Life continues for Jack; despite the grimness taking over the world, with mad and various monsters ready to attack every corner, Jack wants to look forward to having fun, grouping a few friends to survive, but also to enjoy their teenage years. Jack wants to play video games, eat candy, have an opportunity with a high-school crush, but most importantly stay young.

The series bases itself on creativity and thinking fast. The monster-infested town has various obstacles and conundrums to overcome, and Jack is the leader in finding solutions, regardless of their viability for success.

I understand that Netflix have potential plans to expand into further seasons after Book 1, and after having the fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse into the opening feature-length chapter before the official release, I am all for it. Netflix Series The Last Kids on Earth Book 1 (Season 1) is a great addition to the Netflix platform. I’m getting the sense that recently, despite the streaming giant offering a few duds, they are also maturing into some sensible markets. Add this to your list.

Daniel Hart

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  • September 17, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    This was so bad. The main character is the worst, and the animation is so bad.


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