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Tonight’s episode of David Makes Man shows what happens “When It All Falls,” and David goes to great lengths to protect his family from financial ruin.

Tonight’s episode of David Makes Man Episode 6, “When It All Falls” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

David Makes Man Episode 6 begins with a narration from Sky that talks about how some people choose the life they want to live. And that leads us to quite a surprising revelation via flashback: Raynan isn’t really from the area. He lives in a mansion and has a fancy car, but chooses to sell drugs. Why? When he meets up with Sky, it’s implied implication that he does it to be like him.

In the present day, there’s an interviewer from the high school Dai’s looking to attend. He gives a passionate speech about rising above his surroundings to be the best person he can be, and the speech wins her over. Dr. Woods-Trap however, seems to see right through it. Meanwhile, Gloria’s troubles intensify. Not only is she struggling with her physical pain, but because she’s misplaced her Social Security Card, she can’t apply for unemployment. Raynan catches her stressing out, and offers her some pills on the house to put her at ease. A stressed-out Gloria vents to her mom about the SSN card while she and JG turn the house upside to find it. JG sneaks out of the house.

The next scene of “When It Falls” reveals that with the help of Star, JG has sold his shoes to Raynan so he can pay rent. He places it in the office’s mailbox because no one is there to collect it (uh oh). Glo thanks JG for the sacrifice, and swears him to secrecy. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), the money vanishes from the mailbox and the landlord unsympathetically states that there’s no proof JG dropped the rent money off. Whether someone took the money out of the mailbox, or the landlord is simply lying, rent is still due on Monday. David has overheard this exchange between the two women and walks off disappointed.

Dai scolds both JG and his mother for this recent stunt. During their argument, JG finds Gloria’s pills. After an awkward silence, Dai asks Glo to continue to attend counseling sessions. Gloria agrees and tells David she’s going to be going to a meeting later. David confronts Raynan, with the latter assuring the former that he doesn’t have any cruel intentions. Dai seems to get uncomfortable around Shinobi, Raynan’s close friend. This isn’t the first time this has happened, so my question is this: could Shinobi be the one who killed Sky?

Gloria finds her SSN info, but because her name is faded off the paper, it’s not usable. Dai goes to the principal’s office to talk about getting more counseling. She tells David that she received a call from Glo, but hasn’t decided whether or not to authorize more counseling sessions yet.

David Makes Man Episode 6 proves how similar David and Gloria are. At her meeting, Glo gives a speech about rising above her addiction to be the mother her kids need. It’s a powerful moment… that soon has a layer of devastation added to it. Gloria notices that one of her fellow addicts is down spiraling and looking for a fix. Desperate for money, Glo sells her the pills. Both scenes hold equal emotional weight for different reasons, and it’s another example of why Alana Arenas is the show’s MVP.

As Dai gets another session with Dr. Bree, he winds up stealing his prescription pad. “When It All Falls” ends with Dai seemingly deciding to work with Raynan as a pusher.

David Makes Man Episode 6 was definitely on the heavy side. The lengths that David, JG, and Gloria have gone to ensure the rent’s paid speaks volumes. It’s impossible not to feel sympathy for this wonderful cast as they try to find ways to survive every day. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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