The Hockey Girls Recap: On Short Notice

September 21, 2019
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This recap of The Hockey Girls Season 1, Episode 2, “Anna” contains spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words, and our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these ones.

The major event of The Hockey Girls Episode 2 is an upcoming match that has been moved forward to dangerously short notice; Anna (Iria del Río) has to get the girls ready in record time, and she’s dealing with her own physical and mental problems too.

The physical issues we know about; the trauma she’s carrying is a bit more nebulous. In the previous episode, we saw Anna message someone named Maria about the health of someone named Joana. In this one, Maria tells her Joana has slipped into a coma. Last-minute flashbacks and an acute panic attack suggest some kind of locker room incident which potentially caused this, but we’re not given any answers yet.

In the meantime, Núria (Àgata Roca) breaks the news to Emma (Dèlia Brufau) that they’re leaving for Budapest, and it goes down terribly, as expected. And because Núria and Santi (Juli Fàbregas) are moving, Lore’s (Mireia Oriol) mum Sílvia (Mireia Aixalà) has been laid off by them. To help cheer her up, Lore sets Sílvia up with a dating app profile, with which she immediately matches an enigmatic cowboy who later asks her out on a date. Laila’s (Yasmina Drissi) dad Youssef (Hamid Krim) also offers her a job working the bar with him.

There’s a lot of resentment between Emma and Anna. The former is adopted and evidently feels as though everything has been much easier for her older sister, who tries to make her feel better about the move and fails to do so — miserably, I might add. As though Anna doesn’t have enough to worry about. She’s already fretting about her capabilities as a coach rather than a player, but Terrats (Nora Navas) helps to set her mind at ease. The team’s best player is Flor (Asia Ortega), and all their offensive strategies need to be built around her, but this causes further problems within the team, especially for Lore, who is resentful of the new girl.

Enric (Josep Linuesa) lets Anna know that, after their TV appearance, a charitable organization are interested in making a donation, and will be in attendance at the game. Great — more pressure!

Before Núria and Santi leave for Budapest, Anna tells her father about her mother’s affair. He challenges his wife about this, but she’s able to talk him round fairly easily. Emma, desperate not to leave, asks if she can stay behind with Anna — this is eventually agreed to, leading to a celebratory party in which Berta (Natàlia Barrientos) has sex with Lluc (Guim Puig) and the whole team get generally turned up. Anna later discovers the party and goes nuts, even though she still covers for Emma to her parents.

There are two disasters in The Hockey Girls Episode 2. The first is Sílvia’s date, which turns out to be with Enric. She immediately calls it off because of what people might think. The second is the match itself. The girls utterly fail to come together as a team, and Anna, having a meltdown and flashbacks, disappears for the duration. It’s a complete failure. But it gives her an excuse for a touching locker room pep-talk afterward, in which she’s able to get the girls back to their teary-eyed best in time for the next game.

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