The Hockey Girls Recap: Sleeping With The Enemy

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 21, 2019 (Last updated: Yesterday)
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The Hockey Girls (Netflix) Season 1, Episode 4 recap: "Lorena" | RSC


“Lorena” pits the girls against the boys and families against each other in another decent episode.

This recap of The Hockey Girls Season 1, Episode 4, “Lorena”, contains spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words and our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these ones.

It’s never fun catching your parents having sex, so you can only imagine how Lorena (Mireia Oriol) feels catching Sílvia (Mireia Aixalà) riding resident “fascist pig” Enric (Josep Linuesa) — especially since Enric currently maintains a tight stranglehold over her beloved hockey team, where the girls still aren’t getting on with new coach Anna’s (Iria del Río) unconventional methods.

Even Terrats (Nora Navas) is starting to clash with Anna over who gets to use the facilities, and the girls and boys teams are both at war over the locker rooms. When they’re rushed while getting changed, the girls attempt a sit-in protest, but the lads just get undressed and shower in front of them.

To try and get Lore and Òscar (Nil Cardoner) used to the idea of Enric being around, Sílvia invites him over so they can get to know him for who he really is, but the attempt is sabotaged by Lorena. The Hockey Girls Episode 4 also provides some updates on the show’s on-going reproduction subplots: Terrats is finally pregnant, but Berta (Natàlia Barrientos) is still struggling after her abortion, especially now that baby-killer memes are floating around and everyone knows about it. Lluc (Guim Puig), however, is extremely reasonable; The Hockey Girls has done a great job so far of characterizing its idiotic male contingent as essentially decent, rather than cartoonishly antagonistic. The boys and girls are rivalrous, but they also seem to get on really well and fundamentally care about each other.

Two questions linger around the Berta/Lluc baby scare: One, how did she fall pregnant when they used a condom, and two, who is spreading the information around? Both questions are answered pretty swiftly and mundanely; Lore and Gina (Claudia Riera) determine that Lluc donned the condom much too late, and the meme-spreading culprit is a generically sour-faced Regina George type who overheard Berta discussing the abortion with Terrats. Berta decides to own the abortion, making a public video basically telling everyone to keep their big noses out.

Speaking of Lore and Gina, they both stay over at Lore’s dad’s house — a run-down bachelor farmhouse where the only thing to eat is beer — and end up sleeping together; the morning after, Lore is frosty with her.

Anna receives some bad news in The Hockey Girls Episode 4: Her knee is ruined. She’s going to be on crutches for weeks, in rehab for months, and she’ll never play hockey at the level she once did. Throughout the episode she gets increasingly frustrated with this development, arguing with Terrats about it and pushing the girls harder than ever. The locker room issue remains unresolved until it’s decided that the outcome of a hockey match will determine who gets to change where. The girls win. Enric tries to undermine the outcome and tell the girls they still can’t have the locker room, but the boys give it to them anyway — they’ve earned it, after all. Anna, instead of reprimanding them, takes their side, announcing that because of her knee she’ll be sticking around to continue coaching them.

In a set-up for the next episode, Raquel (Júlia Gibert) and Òscar get frisky, but she won’t commit to full sex. More on that in the next installment.

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