The Hockey Girls Recap: Another Netflix Series Ends Without Ending

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 22, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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The Hockey Girls (Netflix) Season 1, Episode 13 recap: "The Club" | RSC


“The Club” is a disappointing finale that begs for a second season, barely resolving any storylines and adding weirdly contrived drama for its own sake.

This recap of The Hockey Girls Season 1, Episode 13, “The Club”, contains spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words and our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these ones.

In a bizarrely contrived turn of events, Raquel (Júlia Gibert) begins The Hockey Girls Episode 13 desperate for mates, but the rest of the team are too busy with their SAT results and their various relationships to bother with her. I have no idea where this subplot came from; it doesn’t seem to build on anything that came before and doesn’t really go anywhere in “The Club”, which is another finale to a Netflix series which basically gets out the begging bowl for a second season and doesn’t really conclude anything.

Enric (Josep Linuesa) is on the warpath with the election results looming. He threatens to chuck Youssef (Hamid Krim) out for siding with Terrats (Nora Navas), and he only gets angrier and more desperate when his exclusive sports center deal is taken off the table so as not to create the appearance of favoritism.

A lot happens in The Hockey Girls Episode 13, but very little that pays off in this season. Gina (Claudia Riera) tells Lore (Mireia Oriol) that they’re not compatible and that she wants to break up; Berta (Natàlia Barrientos) passes her SATs and gets into med school, but turns down Lluc (Guim Puig) when he asks her out; and Montse (Aida Oset) has been to Lisbon to see Maria, since her story didn’t add up. Some new dramas are also introduced, but none of those really amount to much either. Raquel has a needless argument with Berta and befriends a local graffiti artist who has stolen Terrats’s phone and plans to torment her. Terrats is pregnant with Santi’s (Juli Fàbregas) baby. And Montse overhears Anna (Iria del Río) having sex with Germán (Marc Clotet), but keeps it to herself, only ominously suggesting to Anna that she knows just what to do in her trial.

For some reason, Emma (Dèlia Brufau) performs the title song to an enthusiastic crowd in celebration of Terrats winning the election, and then we cut to a one-month-later epilogue in which Terrats brings in several new signings from the Olympic team, explaining that next season, only those who prove themselves the best will get to play.

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