Skylines Recap: Working With The Unworkable

September 28, 2019
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Skylines Season 1, Episode 3, “What I Mean” is the stand out chapter so far as Jinn delves further into his new world while Sara catches up with an old flame.



Skylines Season 1, Episode 3, “What I Mean” is the stand out chapter so far as Jinn delves further into his new world while Sara catches up with an old flame.

This recap of Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 3, “What I Mean” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Drugs are flowing in the streets in Episode 3, “What I Mean”, as Ardan’s (Erdal Yildiz) influence begins to grow. The new supply is growing tension, as gangs start wars on business.

As for Jinn, he officially starts work at Skyline in Episode 3, acquiring a pass and looking like the new-boy. He attaches his badge on his clothes like he’s got access to certain levels, while everyone else is ridiculously laidback. Jinn continues his hard work ethic, with his colleagues insisting he joins them for partying after putting a few beats together. Jinn decides to stay back in the studio and work. He’s eager to make it.

Out of the blue, Jinn is asked to join the studio with Kalifa, who introduces him to Zilan. I believe Zilan is integral to the gangs, but she has an interest in rapping. She’s an extremely aggressive rapper, and Jinn becomes impatient with her style, unable to match the beat to her lyrics and becoming frustrated that she will not listen. Zilan barely speaks or makes eye contact — it is a long night for Jinn in Episode 3.

Meanwhile, Sara is continuing to have family issues — while out for dinner, her informant sends her a text, and she has to leave swiftly. Her partner is disappointed, asking why she cannot make time. When she meets the informant Dejan, he believes Ardan maybe a personal thing for Sara.

Semir is disappointed in Kalifa in Episode 3, wondering why he won’t work with Jinn. Kalifa believes Jinn is still a rookie, despite not listening to any of his beats. Later, Semir advises Jinn to not just focus on hits but also to learn to understand to work with other people. I felt this was a lame move by Semir, as Jinn has not done anything wrong.

It turns out Kalifa is an old flame of Sara’s. She sees him in the streets, and the pair have a friendly, flirty chat about present and past. Sara remembers the old Kalifa, and how his lyrics used to be “less gangster” and more “him”. Sara lies about her current job, claiming she has a middle-management role in Human Resources. The conversation gets tense when Kalifa asks Sara why her parents shut down their business, and she reacts by saying it was because of his brother, who robbed them. Kalifa denies his brother did that and quickly ends their short catch-up.

Skylines Season 1, Episode 3, “What I Mean” ends with Tonik hearing a beat created by him and Jinn from Skyline. Tonik confronts him, and it turns into a raging argument, with Jinn trying to change the conversation about Tonik having sex with his sister. Tonik becomes even more upset when he finds out Lily knew about the contract. Jinn headbutts him.

Maybe it is the end of that friendship, which is a shame because Jinn and Tonik mix quite well.

Other Notable Points

  • Jinn wants to go to a songwriting camp.
  • Dejan continues his work as an informant — speaking to Manu.
  • Lily’s dad is still feeling the heat from Kroos who has blackmailed him — he sends him 100k in shares but wants to discuss the remaining 50k. He puts the hit out on Kroos.
  • Lily is under pressure to present her business proposition to a board of people.

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