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Skylines Season 1, Episode 4, “Storm” sees the characters go off course as the tensions rise at the studio, and gang warfare continues on the streets.

This recap of Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 4, “Storm” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

At the beginning of Episode 4, Kroos is sent a hooker from Lily’s (Anna Herrmann) father in the hope that it would appease him. “Storm” is about the tension rising, and the characters falling apart in another genuinely good chapter.

Jinn continues to help Zilan produce music. Halfway through a session, she decides to take him out for something to eat. They bond and establish a friendship that would not have been possible if Jinn did not make an effort. Back in the studio, he gives her more advice – to use melodies and sing her lyrics — it seems to work.

But while he is enjoying life in Skyline, his family begin to break apart. Lily learns her project is on hold; her father’s bank did not bid. Lily spirals out of control, goes out drinking, taking as many drugs as possible. When she leaves the club in the early morning, a drug dealer offers her a gold-wrapper drug — it’s heroin, and she collapses as soon as she sniffs it.

Ardan’s operations start to bleed into Skyline’s affairs in Episode 4. Kalifa wants to put a stop to it and approaches his brother. Ardan tries convincing Kalifa that they are merely selling merchandise. Later on, Kalifa finds the drugs wrapped in gold wrappers.

As for Lily’s overdose, Jinn visits her in the hospital to see that she is stabilized. He cannot help but have another argument with his Dad. Later on, Jinn visits his Dad in hospital and sees Kroos strangling him. He manages to save his father. When Lily returns home, Jinn tries to comfort her and insists he will start paying rent — Lily is fuming and asks him to leave her alone.

Sara is developing into a character I did not expect for this episode. She starts to blur business with pleasure, leaving a voicemail for Kalifa. Her professional life could be rewarded as she does a presentation interview for the High Civil Service. Her current employer is not amused by the statements she said about her current role. Later on, she visits Kalifa, smokes weed with him, and they have sex. She’s either worming her way closer to the truth, or she’s catching an old flame with the wrong person.

Skylines Season 1, Episode 4, “Storm” sees Semir finding out about the drugs in the Skyline establishment and starts kicking out Ardan’s many. He resorts to his gun and begins shooting. Jinn does not hear the action going on around him as she smokes a spliff and listens to Zalin’s track.

Other Notable Points

  • Sara gets further info on the drugs from Dejan.

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