Skylines Recap: It’s Ardan’s World

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 28, 2019
Skylines Season 1, Episode 5 - Rose in Concrete


Skylines Season 1, Episode 5, “Rose in Concrete” provides circumstances for Jinn and Sara that changes their world forever.

This recap of Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 5, “Rose in Concrete” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The crucial moment in Episode 5, “Rose in Concrete” is when Jinn (Edin Hasanovic) decides to go on a ride with Zilan (Carol Schuler) and plays her track. She loves it. They go out drinking and appear to have a good time until Jinn notices Kroos, the man who attacked his dad. They follow him into a parking lot, and Kroos turns around and shoots Jinn. Zilan, raging, seeks revenge, and ends up in a fatal struggle with Kroos in his car. She repeatedly stabs him in the neck, and then brutally presses his face against the car window, making the blood gush out of his head.

Jinn has never been exposed to this type of violence, and he tries to save Kroos. As Zilan drives off, he rings the emergency services, and he ends up with the police.

Sara continues to get frustrated by her department, who are determined to start raiding on the drug gangs early, but Sara has bigger plans and wants more work to be done.

Meanwhile, after Semir’s actions, Kalifa asks Ardan to keep him out of his business, but Ardan turns it round, expressing the times he has protected his brother and helped build the business. He asks Kalifa to make him a stakeholder in the business and promises not to kill Semir.

Even though Jinn tried to help Kroos in shocking circumstances, the police hold him for questioning. Meanwhile, Sara asks Dejan to ask for a kilo of heroin to help finish the job on Ardan’s crew. He’s not happy with it, and as he pursues to request the drugs, Sara is called in from work about Jinn. The cops wonder if Jinn knew her or not. At this stage, the informant is ringing Sara feeling nervous about the situation, and rightly so, as he gets found out. Ardan shows up and wants to know the cop who sent him. Dejan describes Sara and Ardan asks about a rose tattoo — he knows who she is. Dejan is then killed.

Semir and Kalifa talk about Ardan. Kalifa states that they should give Ardan a small stake, but everyone believes he is making a massive mistake. As they negotiate, Ardan claims he wants a 51% stake.

Skylines Season 1, Episode 5, “Rose in Concrete” ends with Ardan’s crew leaving a chopped off hand on Sara’s doorstep which is found by her daughter. Sara marches into Skyline and asks Kalifa where Ardan is. He refuses to answer, so she slaps him, and after a brief argument, she walks out. As Sara enters the lift, two men join her, and as the elevator closes, the episode ends.

Other Notable Points

  • Lily has quit her job. She believes she is not as driven as Jinn and her Dad.
  • Sara talks to her daughter and explains High Civil Service offers more office hours. The daughter tells Sara that her dad is sleeping with someone else and that she doesn’t care.

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