Skylines Recap: Do You Want To Be A Musician Or A Gangster

September 28, 2019
Daniel Hart 0
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Skylines Season 1, Episode 6, “Angel or Devil” closes a successful German Netflix series, as Jinn and Sara find conclusions to their stories.



Skylines Season 1, Episode 6, “Angel or Devil” closes a successful German Netflix series, as Jinn and Sara find conclusions to their stories.

This recap of Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 6, “Angel or Devil” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

After a thrilling series, the finale, “Angel or Devil” is less violent and forceful than I expected, but it did provide some key moments.

First off, Sara’s (Peri Baumeister) hot-headed approach lands in her murky waters when she approaches Ardan in the basement. He knocks her out, lays on top of her and describes what he and his gang are going to do with her daughter. She returns home shaken and screams for all the cops to leave. Sara’s mission to cut the head off the snake has had severe repercussions. Her life is out of control.

And as for Kalifa, with a deal on the line, he struggles to let go of the past, continuing negotiations with his brother without Semir present, which prompts questions from Celion.

Jinn is still in for police questioning and Sara takes the lead. She shows him a video of Jinn’s Dad making an illegal financial deal and constructs an entire story that Jinn was an accomplice, sent to Skyline records to help get revenge for his Dad on Kroos, and hired Zilan to finish the job. Of course, he wasn’t an accomplice, but Sara wants to make an offer — he initially refuses to listen to any deal.

Jinn rings Lily after Sara grants the call and learns that she is doing well; she’s acquired a traineeship and seems happy with her new life. He realises now the burden on his shoulders. He cannot destroy any more lives. Sara asks Jinn, “do you want to be a musician or a gangster?”.

Midway through Episode 6, Kalifa feels sorry for himself, but his wife asks him to show the world who he is and take the interview at MTV. As he travels, he listens to Jinn’s beats for the first time and raps to it. While at MTV, Semir and Kalifa get offered a contract on their terms by Global. It turns out Global were bribed and attacked before making the deal. Outside of MTV, Kalifa and Semir get themselves into a fight.

When Lily returns home from her traineeship, she sees Jinn in bed, she half-smiles, and half looks at him sympathetically and holds his hands.

The next day, Sara is heartbroken; due to recent events, her partner and daughter have to leave the town. She hugs her daughter tight and mouths to her partner to “look after her”. The case has taken its toll.

Semir listens to Kalifa finally rap to one of Jinn’s beats. He’s completely sold on the kid now.

Skylines Season 1, Episode 6, “Angel or Devil” ends with Jinn getting called into Skyline. They ask him to enter a studio; Kalifa and Semir are there. Kalifa asks him to produce an entire album for him. They assume Jinn is shellshocked and surprised at the offer, and as he downs a whiskey to celebrate with them, his face says it all. I can only assume he took Sara’s offer and became her informant.

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