DC Previews Round-Up | December 2019

September 29, 2019
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These are our DC Previews for December 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in November by clicking these words.

DC Previews for December 2019: Batman Titles.

Big Batman news just in time for the holidays, as Frank Miller returns to Batman, and more specifically his Dark Knight universe. The Golden Child, written by Frank with art by Rafael Grampa, is a 48-page one-shot that catches up with events after Dark Knight #3. Expect lots of action with Carrie and Lara, against a terrifying evil returning to Gotham.

There are a couple of graphic novels for younger readers; look for Batman Tales and Shadow of the Batgirl, ideal presents for young fans.

If you have lasted the distance, Tom King brings his Batman run to an end, actually, I think he was pushed off the book, who knows, and issues #84 and #85, which is double-sized, sees the end of the “City of Bane” storyline, so expect Flashpoint Batman to get kicked to the curb, the fate of Gotham Girl, the aftermath of the death of Alfred — yep, he’s still dead — and I imagine a cliffhanger that will probably see Batman finally sent for the therapy he no doubt requires after being written into the depressed anxiety-ridden needy dweeb of a man that he has become.

Batgirl #42 trundles on with a battle against Oracle, Batman Beyond hits issue #39 by Dan Jurgens, Curse of the White Knight by Murphy is at issue #5 of 8, Warren Ellis is at issue #3 of 12 of The Batman’s Grave with Commisioner Gordon trying to solve a mystery as B Batman is in trouble in a stately Gotham mansion. Batman and the Outsiders #8 features Ras Al Ghul, while Batman Superman #5 is a Year of the Villain crossover. Joelle jones serves us Catwoman #18 in a moral dilemma over The Lazarus Pit, Detective Comics #1017 and #1018 takes a post-City of Bane Batman into more supernatural dealings with a pagan demon. Jeff Lemire presents us with Joker Killer Smile #2 of 3, and Joker/Harley Criminal Sanity #3 is on the Black Label imprint, so grown-ups only for this.

DC Previews for December 2019: Superman Titles

Action Comics is at issue #1018 by Brian Bendis as Metropolis Doom Part Two lands us in what we have been told is one of the biggest Superman stories ever. Aren’t they all? Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen continue their 12-issue runs with issues #6 and #7 on the stands, Supergirl incredibly reaches issue #37 with infected Supergirl deciding she might as well just accept the fact that she has been infected by The Batman who Laughs virus and get on with things, because that’s what heroes do kids. Superman #18 promises a big revelation for The Man Of Steel, and rumor has it that he reveals his identity to everyone, or rather Lois Lane does, in a cheap plot device that has never worked before and will probably end badly for everyone, including the reader.

DC Previews for December 2019: Year Of The Villain

The next phase of this DC event starts here with Hell Arisen #1 of 4 and with interest waning quite dramatically, this looks to be the end of the story, fingers crossed. James Tynion IV writes the conclusion, with Luthor bringing Perpetua back, and the multiverse is in terrible… sorry, drifted off there. The one shots this month include Harley Quinn #1 and Ocean Master #1 — yes, you read that last one right.

DC Previews for December 2019

DC Previews for December 2019: One Shots, New Titles, And End Stuff

Suicide Squad is rebooted by Tom Taylor, and the bad guys in Task Force X are up against terrorist supervillains in a 40-page first issue. New Year’s Evil is a holiday-themed one shot with a host of creative teams in an 80-page anthology that will probably have 1 or 2 ok stories and a whole lot of filler for 10 bucks. Wonder Woman Dead Earth is a 4-issue that sees our favourite female hero in a post apocalyptic wasteland wondering what exactly happened. It’s all by Daniel Warren Johnson with 48 pages for 7 dollars. Deathstroke #50 is the last issue as DC continue to cancel ongoing runs, Doomsday Clock reaches issue #12 of the worst-scheduled comic run since Miracleman, so expect the final showdown between Superman and Doc Manhatten. The Low Low Woods is the next release from Joe Hill’s imprint of horror-based comics, and it’s issue #1 of 6 here by Carmen Maria Machado. Fans of older comics will enjoy a facsimile of Crisis on Infinite Earth #8, the one where Flash dies.

DC Previews for December 2019: Ongoings.

Look for Flash #84 and #85 as Rogues reign continues, Harley Quinn #68 is a Harley Christmas tale, remember when she was a real character and not a Deadpool rip off? No, me neither. Hawkman #19 sees the return of Hawkgirl, let me know if anyone is reading this title. The Justice Doom war continues through Justice League #37 and #38, with Circe causing all kind of trouble, Legion of Superheroes #2 by Bendis sees Aquaman’s trident uncovered… woohoo. Nightwing #67 has a new villain, Red Hood Outlaw #41 sees the return of Artemis and Bizarro, Teen Titans #37 finally reveals the identity of The Other, The Terrifics #23 is still hanging in there, Hellblazer’s return to the original character is at issue #2 by Simon Spurrier finds john in London against murderous angels and Young Justice is at issue #11, by Bendis, again, yes he’s writing all of em, and the gang are back on earth.

I might pick up The Golden Child by Miller, Batman #85 just to make sure it’s really over, and as always Catwoman by Jones.

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