Marvel Previews Round-Up | December 2019

September 29, 2019
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These are our Marvel Previews for December 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in November by clicking these words.

Okay, grab a coffee and a muffin and get settled. As Marvel continues to flood the shelves, this preview will take you at least a week to read, so buckle up and hope the editor at RSC does his job properly.

Marvel Previews for December 2019: X-Men Titles

X-Men #3 and #4 with Jonathon Hickman at the wheel, the team find an old enemy in The Savage Land, The New Mutants #3 and #4 sees the return of Cannonball — issue #4 is by Hickman, too, Fallen Angels #3 and #4 by Bryan Hill keeps us up to date with Psylocke, while X-Force #3 and #4 has the team fighting against deadly threats against mutant-kind, X-Calibur #3 and #4 by Tini Howard has Cap Britain facing the truth about her brother — sounds riveting — and Marauders #3 and #4 by Gerry Duggan announces the new Black Bishop of The Hellfire Club. Insert comedy name here.

Marvel Previews for December 2019: Spider-Man Titles

Amazing #35 and #36 has a whole 50-cent bargain bucketful of variant covers as Spidey meets Dr. Doom, again. Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality issue #1 of 5 sees the return of Hobgoblin, and another shelf-sagging supply of variants. Spider-Ham gets his own mini-series, because of course he does, Aporkalips Now by Zeb Wells, make sure it’s on your pull(ed pork) list, Ghost Spider #5 has a battle with The Jackal, Miles Morales #13 is a race against time with The Prowler, The Amazing Mary Jane amazes me by getting to issue #3, JJ Abrams and son present the 4th issue of their mini-series that promises a real twist, insert joke about Lost here, Black Cat is at issue #7, and you know, this is actually a fun book to read, Venom #21 sees the start of the Venom Island saga by Cates and Co, and Spider-Man Velocity concludes with issue #5.

Marvel Previews for December 2019: One-Shots

After the incredibly disappointing Marvel Comics 1000, we get a follow up that will conclude Marvel’s 80th anniversary events. Incoming is another 96-page phone book by everybody that is still employable by Marvel, featuring a murder mystery connecting all the dots from 2019 in Marvel, featuring every character ever and it’s yours for 10 bucks because you didn’t spend enough money on Marvel in 2019. Meanwhile here is another event: Annihilation Scourge has the universe in peril and The Scourge is out to cause all kinds of damage to everything so look for 40-page one-shots featuring Nova, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, Beta Ray Bill, and Omega. As well as that, there is a Marvel Tales one-shot anthology with some classic Marvel cosmic characters doing their Bronze Age thing. If all that isn’t enough for you, Marvel is reviving it’s 2099 line with a series of one-shots featuring Spidey (of course) Ghost Rider, Doc Doom, Venom and Omega, all 40-page issues for 5 bucks each. Thor The Worthy is 40 pages of Thor madness by master craftsman Walt Simonson, and finally, there is an Iron Man one-shot by Jim Zub that is a prequel to the upcoming Avengers video game — yes, that’s a thing.

Marvel Previews for December 2019

Marvel Previews for December 2019: Miniseries

The Web of Black Widow makes it to issue #4 — what do you mean you ain’t reading it? — King Thor concludes with issue #4, Garth Ennis brings a breath of fresh air with issue #2 of Punisher Soviet, Gwenpool Strikes Back concludes with issue #5, History Of The Marvel Universe fizzles out with issue #6, Agents Of Atlas stumbles over the finish line with issue #5, Yondu reaches issue #3 of 5, Old Man Quill retires with issue #12 featuring Galactus (yawn), and in Conan Land, Valeria #5 concludes that series. Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider is a new series: issue #1 of 5 sees the character imprisoned, by Dennis Hallum and Donny Cates.

Marvel Previews for December 2019: Ongoings

There’s a new Dr. Strange title by Waid and Walker, and with his hands healed, Stephen has to decide what is more important: magic superhero adventures or healing desperate people in surgery — be still my beating heart. Speaking of weirdos, Morbius issue #2 features The Melter, yep the Melter, Ghost Rider #3 by Ed Brisson guest stars Mephisto, Captain America #17 has Cap on the trail of a cop killer, Immortal Hulk #28 stars the Teen Brigade, Savage Avengers #8 has Conan up against Dr’s Doom and Strange, while The Avengers #28 by Jason Aaron continues The Starbrand reborn storyline. Captain Marvel #13 finds a bad Captain on the rampage, Tony Stark Iron Man #19 by Slott presents us with the final of The Ultron Agenda, and Slott is at it again in Fantastic Four #17 with the promise of a big secret revealed, Guardians Of The Galaxy #12 is a 40-page extravaganza with Thanos winning, because we have never seen that before, Daredevil #14 and #15 by Chip Zdarsky continues the drama — just buy this book, you know it’s good — and the Conan titles reach issue #12 although nobody has noticed.

With Marvel just releasing anything they can, I will pick up Hulk and Daredevil, and the True Believer dollar comics, but very little else, but that’s just me, who cares what I think? Let me know what you are reading from Marvel in case I am missing a gem.

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