David Makes Man Recap: Calm Before The Storm

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 3, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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David Makes Man (OWN) Episode 8 recap: "Bubble House" | RSC


As The Ville prepares for a hurricane, Seren disappears, Raynan gets arrested, and tragedy strikes during David Makes Man Episode 8, “Bubble Man.”

This recap of David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 8, “Bubble House” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

“Bubble House” starts with Shinobi making a stop at the pharmacy before visiting Mx. Elijah. Star interrupts before the two can get sexual. The two exchange some jabs before one of Shinobi’s friends is outside panicking. Something’s wrong with Willie D, the kid who got in a fight with JG in the pilot. Meanwhile, Marissa and David notice that Seren isn’t at school. There’s a special guest at school (Representative Reed) who Dai attempts to charm into getting a recommendation to go to the gifted program in high school in Hurston. Dr. Woods-Trap looks on unimpressed.

Dai meets with Dr. W-T, who calls him out on his manipulative ways. She also says that Representative Reed is the same way. He exploits other people’s pain, makes hollow promises, and only shows up in “the hood” to get votes during election season. Upset, David snaps at Dr. Woods-Trap, saying that he’s merely trying to stay alive at this point. He finally asks her to write him a recommendation letter, but Dai is called away to the principal’s office before she can answer. In the principal’s office, Dai finds out that Seren has run away. Disturbed, David hands over the letter Seren gave to him in the last episode, and the principal departs. Outside the principal’s office, Seren’s mother violently lashes out at Dai, but before things can get too intense, Dr. Bree shows up.

Raynan is snuck up on by Desmond, Tio Teo’s Jamaican right-hand man. Raynan explains that Willie D got high on a supply of drugs and is very sick. The boys get in an argument when the cops arrive and arrest them both. They stop at a drive-thru to get some food, asking Raynan if he wants “his usual.” Desmond side-eyes Raynan because of this. Seren’s mother breaks down in front of Dr. Bree while his stepfather suggests that Seren ran off to his father. In the meantime, Dr. Bree looks at both of them suspiciously. He’s not buying their act.

Outside, Dr. Bree reads Seren’s letter aloud. He said that he misses Dai and cares about him. He only felt safe at his own home when David came to stay over. Dr. Bree wants direct answers from Dai. Does he know where Seren is right now? Dai tells him no. Dr. Bree also tells him to bring back his prescription pad before Thanksgiving, and he won’t get in trouble. However, he’s done playing games with him.

Back in The Ville, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Tio Teo pays Dai an unexpected visit that shakes him up. He implies that Desmond causes more harm than good, and Teo promises to have a “chat” with him once they’re released. How does he know when they’re leaving? Teo says that he has a hunch. In other words, he has cops on the inside for him. After regaining his nerve, David visits Shinobi, to see him crying and cradling Willie D’s dead body. It’s a heartbreaking sight.

In the meantime, David instructs everyone that for now, it’s time to do damage control. No more pushing drugs, and to clean up The Ville of all suspicious activity. Ray comes back and overwhelmed with guilt, reveals to Dai that when he crashed his car and got beaten by Sky, he went and told Tio Teo, who then had Desmond kill Sky. Dai explodes, calling Ray weak and pathetic for getting someone to fight his battles.

At the end of “Bubble House”,, Mx. Elijah tells David that “the package” is now in Tampa. Through a flashback, we see that Dai and Star helped Seren run away to Florida.

We’re two episodes away from David Makes Man‘s finale, and this show is answering all of our questions. From Sky’s murder to Seren’s letter, “Bubble House” had it all. Having Dr. W-T and Dr. Bree both call David out on his mind games was a reminder that although he is very clever, he’s still a young kid with a lot to learn. With both David and Raynan in Tio Teo’s crosshairs, I couldn’t be more excited to see the rest of the season than I am now.

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