The Unicorn Recap: The Price Of Being Nice Boggling



“Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”, for Wade anyway, who gets in over his head with a date and is too nice to get himself out.

This recap of The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 2, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

You have to be cruel to be kind, so the expression goes, and apparently nice guys always finish last, and I’m sure there are other sayings which validate the point of The Unicorn Episode 2, “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” — a fitting title if there ever was one. Wade (Walton Goggins) has a date with the laugh-a-minute Lizzie (Christina Moore) which doesn’t go well — for him, anyway. Lizzie loved it enough to ask him out again, add him on Facebook, and bombard him with aimless photos of her meals and requests to play Boggle.

It’s a dilemma. Wade isn’t feeling it with Lizzie, but he’s too nice to tell her so. What to do? When he tries to find support in Ben (Omar Benson Miller) and Forrest (Rob Corddry), he doesn’t get anything useful. As he tells them, they don’t know what it’s like on the dating scene anymore. They both take slight offense to that remark, though swiftly realize it’s true with a little help from their wives, Michelle (Maya Lynne Robinson) and Delia (Michaela Watkins).

To help, Michelle turns to someone who is on the dating scene — her sister, Meg (Nicole Byer). The problem is that Meg might be in the dating scene a little too much. She immediately has a soft spot for Wade, despite frequent and unsubtle warnings from Michelle to leave him alone, but even she can’t convince Wade to let Lizzie down and, as he phrases it, “leave her alone”. This is obviously projection, since cutting off a woman you’ve had two dates with isn’t the same as your spouse dying, but Wade can’t see it. And he has enough to worry about with Grace (Ruby Jay) acting out and feeling insecure.

The Unicorn Episode 2 devotes some time to both of Wade’s daughters. His youngest, Natalie (Makenzie Moss), has an obvious admirer in Ben and Michelle’s son Noah (Devin Bright), who is trying to impress her by eating absurdly spicy and sour snacks, and also expired yogurt. It’s all played for laughs in “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”, as it should be. But Grace’s problems are a bit more meaningful. Her attempts to fit in and “be normal” have led her downtown, alone, to a colorful wall in front of which she wants to take photos for her Instagram. It’s a silly thing, and she knows it, but likes are important. Wade, seeing her point of view, takes the photos for her; including a few of himself. Her look of horror when he says he’s going to post them on her Instagram is one of the low-key highlights of the episode.

But in understanding where Grace is emotionally, Wade is also able to understand himself a bit better and call things off with Lizzie, who takes it well — well enough to mention that she’s there if he ever wants to bone, which is nice of her. It’s just the ending Wade needs, even if Meg also offering her boning services might not be. The Unicorn continues to impress in this heartfelt and relatable second episode.

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