David Makes Man Recap: Parallels and Intersections

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 10, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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David Makes Man Episode 9 recap: "Some I Love Who Are Dead"


As Raynan and Gloria head home, Seren travels further away in David Makes Man Episode 9, “Some I Love Who Are Dead”

This recap of David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 9, “Some I Love Who Are Dead” contains spoilers. You can check out our previous thoughts on the episode by clicking these words.

David Makes Man Episode 9, “Some I Love Who Are Dead”, kicks off with David imagining Willie D’s memorial at The Ville (that also includes David’s classmates from school). The memorial turns into one for JG while Gloria breaks down in front of everyone, as Dai watches on silently. David snaps out of his daydream and sees Willie D’s mom sobbing outside. How is he going to get himself out of Tio Teo’s clutches and protect his family from a similar fate? Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Shinobi watches a reporter on TV talk about Willie D’s death, while he imagines the young boy’s corpse sitting across from him.

David tells Gloria and JG that it’s time to pack and go. They need to find shelter before the storm hits. It becomes apparent that Gloria doesn’t have an alternative option just yet. The landlord tells Gloria that her emergency contact is her mother, so she needs to reach out to her. The landlord also goes to check on Shinobi, who is refusing to leave the apartment despite the warnings that everyone evacuates the premises to find better shelter. Dai and Tare share a moment after she breaks down over Willie D’s death. He gives her a one-armed hug but imagines holding her closer. They tell each other to stay safe before she departs The Ville.

Back at Raynan’s fancy home, his mother confronts him. She notes his suspicious behavior and how he comes in at all hours of the night. She mentions that Tio Teo is coming to stay with them during the storm, and the panic sets in before he even steps foot into the mansion. Tio Teo confronts Raynan about where the extra money came from but doesn’t get a straight answer. Raynan’s luck goes from bad to worse when Desmond shows up to the mansion too. Naturally, dinner is tense. Ray and Desmond exchange jabs about deadbeat fathers (and just plain dead fathers) before Raynan charges at him with a knife. Desmond thrashes him and threatens to kill him in front of his mother before Teo steps in and forces Desmond to leave the house at gunpoint.

Dai, JG, and Gloria’s first stop at JG’s grandfather’s house. David discovers Gloria challenging JG’s granddad to a drinking game. To keep her from down spiraling, he distracts her by asking her where JG is. They find him talking to a much older woman, and Gloria decides that this is not the place to be. Gloria faces the music and finally gets to her mother’s (Lela Rochon) house. Alma berates Glo for never bringing the kids around and questions how safe The Ville is.

As Ray’s mom patches him up, she tells him that both she and Sky wanted better for him. Teo says that he has no plans on killing Ray, but he will make his life a living hell if he’s a snitch. Raynan takes the opportunity to try to throw Desmond under the bus by implying he was the one who has been shortchanging him. Teo seems to buy it.

Alma’s trash-talking continues in “Some I Love Who Are Dead”, implying Glo should’ve stolen Darius (David’s father) from his wife to secure a man instead of being a single mother. Glo reveals that her father molested her, but Alma accused her of being a liar. She writes off her accusations and makes excuses while saying that Gloria ruined her own life and should’ve given her kids up. David agrees, but Gloria tearfully tells him that he’s not a mistake before running off. Dai goes after her and brings her a pill and some water to ease her side pain. She reluctantly accepts it.

Gloria talks about how miserable she was at home as a child and never wanted her boys to be raised how she was. She talks about how her friends helped her survive and escape from the trauma. Gloria then asks if Dai’s heard from Seren yet, but he doesn’t answer. Dai tells Glo not to worry about rent, and that he’ll take care of it. She tells him that she knows. Ray calls Dai and says that the heat is now on Desmond. Dai hangs up. Following a montage of our cast waiting out the storm, the David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 9 ends on Seren in a car, accepting a meal from an unseen person.

“Some I Love Who Are Dead” is yet another standout hour for David Makes Man. While it slows down a bit with the plot, we have some fantastic character moments from Alana Arenas’ Gloria, who definitely deserves some Emmy recognition. Her argument with Alma, and how her character arc found some common ground with Seren’s so seamlessly was done terrifically. With Teo’s focus on Desmond and Seren still out there, how will season one end? We’ll find out next week.

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