David Makes Man Finale Recap: Long Cons and Semi-Payoffs

October 17, 2019
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The final details of Sky’s death are revealed as David and Raynan enact their master plan on David Makes Man’s season finale, “3 Sons Sky”.

This recap of David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 10, “3 Son’s Sky”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

David Makes Man Episode 10 kicks off with David thinking back to all the events that have happened this season, and the moment that put everything in motion: Sky’s death. Or, for now, Sky’s final 24 hours. It starts with him making some breakfast. A knock on the door prompts him to grab a gun from a nearby drawer, but he puts it away when he sees Shinobi. The two talk over breakfast, where we learn that Nobi recently lost a sister to a stray bullet. Their conversation comes to a close when Raynan calls. He’s crashed his car. Sky rushes over there, only to become enraged by Ray’s apathy over the car accident. He starts to beat him until Raynan’s mother breaks it up. She tells Sky to get out, and Raynan tells him he’s going to call his uncle on him, and we know how that goes.

Fast forward to that night, where Sky chastises Dai for wanting to become involved in the drug game. He tells him he’s better than that and needs to want better for himself so he can escape The Ville. This is when the masked intruder (Desmond) breaks into their lounge. Sky and the Masked Man fight while David flees. Dai later witnesses the intruder deliver the fatal blow to his mentor. He goes over to his corpse, where he gets blood all over his hands. And with that, we snap back to the present day.

Gloria and the boys have returned to The (still powerless) Ville, and everything remains mostly intact except for two things: Tare is upset, and Desmond has badly beaten Shinobi. David and Nobi conclude that Raynan and Tio Teo have fallen out, and Desmond’s free to be on the warpath (when it could be because of Desmond’s confrontation with Raynan last week). Tare later confronts David on his involvement in selling pills (she thinks he’s selling for Raynan, rather than him being the mastermind behind the operation). The two get in a heated argument, which leads to Dai storming off. He goes over to Mx. Elijah. He wants the prescription pad he stole from Dr. Bree back so he can officially exit the game. Elijah tries to explain that it’s not that simple but ultimately acquiesces.

At The Ville’s vigil for Willie Derrick, a woman confronts Dai, saying that WD’s death is on his and the boys’ hands for all the drug activity that’s been happening in the area. David acknowledges his part in everything that’s happened but says the community has to stick together to rebel against the outside forces threatening the lives of everyone in The Ville. Elsewhere, Shinobi and Elijah break up after the latter refuses to let the former come into their home. They exchange bitter words and slurs, and both of them leave the argument teary-eyed. At Raynan’s Tio Teo confronts him about his ineptitude, and has some questions for him about David.

Seren’s mother arrives just as the power comes back on. She once again accuses David of knowing where Seren is. Dai tells Mrs. Kelly that he knows about Seren’s physical and sexual abuse, leaving her speechless. After walking away, Sky appears as a ghost to Dai one last time. We circle back around to the narration from the beginning (all the questions Dai said he wanted to ask Sky), and Sky tells David his one wish would be that his son is better than him. Dai asks, “Am I?” Sky tells him that he’s the man, and that’s the closure Dai needed from his fallen mentor.

After a fakeout scene where Dai and Gloria have a complete blowout involving Glo’s shortcomings and David picking up the slack, we see what happens in reality. It’s a quiet scene where Gloria asks Dai if he has any of that aspirin left because she’s stressed and tired. “Me too,” David responds dryly. Shinobi gets caught trying to use the prescription pad in David’s name and gets arrested. The cop is working for Tio Teo, and leads Nobi straight to him. After a tense conversation, he lets him free. Desmond spots Raynan’s car, assuming it’s him. He winds up finding Teo, who kills him.

With that, the nightmare is over. Dai tells Raynan to leave The Ville, and the latter tells the former that he sounds like Sky more and more every day. Tare and Dai make up after their argument, and David looks around to see The Ville enjoying a rare moment of peace and calm. We also see Dr. W-T call Hurston Prep on behalf of David. It looks like he’s getting that recommendation after all.

David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 10, “3 Son’s Sky”, resolves the Tio Teo storyline and answers whether or not David would finally get that elusive recommendation, but I do feel disappointed that we didn’t get any more answers regarding Seren’s whereabouts. I guess these threads we can pick back up for a potential second season, as David likely balances high school at Hurston Prep and life in The Ville. Nonetheless, the David Makes Man finale was well-acted and engaging from start to finish. Here’s hoping OWN renews it for another year.

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