Living with Yourself Recap: B.C (Before Cloning)

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 18, 2019 (Last updated: November 14, 2023)
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Netflix Series Living With Yourself Season 1, Episode 5 - Va Bene


Living with Yourself Season 1, Episode 5, “Va Bene” provides the much-needed perspective from Kate, who is desperate to start a family.

This recap of Netflix Series Living with Yourself Season 1, Episode 5, “Va Bene” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

After four episodes, we finally get Katie’s (Aisling Bea) perspective. Episode 5, “Va Bene” sends us to B.C (Before Cloning) when Original Miles and Kate were planning a family together — they were paying for IVF, and their initial attempt failed. But, the couple remained positive, and Miles took her to the suburbs to look at a lovely house, in a relaxed neighborhood suitable for families. They put a downpayment on the house

It’s clear as the episode progresses that the pressure of trying for a family has completely sucked the air out of the couple, plus the financial toll of having a beautiful house. Original Miles and Kate wake up to the same alarm every morning, barely speak and go to work. Katie is offering signals, but Miles is completely burnt out, unable to respond to her hints of unhappiness.

“Va Bene” if anything, removes the concept of the series and pinpoints how relationships are hard work. It explores the notion that it requires efforts from both sides to achieve common goals. Kate’s career was flourishing, while Miles’ work was taking a hit, and not once did either side talk to each other. Miles became disassociated from what was important and their objectives. He was on the path to losing her. “Va Bene” is the tragic view of many relationships today.

Episode 5 shows Kate going from a loyal member of the relationship and feeling swayed by dating apps. She joins one and posts her profile. But then she shifts from doubter to believer again, enjoying the company of New Miles, unbeknown he is a clone of her husband.

The tipping point of Episode 5 is when Kate finally breaks down and takes it out on one of her needy clients trying to redesign a house — she rips into him. Later, she explores the dating app and finds someone she would like to meet.

As she heads to the restaurant, walks to the table, the camera pans — it’s New Miles. Living with Yourself Season 1, Episode 5, “Va Bene” shows the clone being sneaky.

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