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Living with Yourself Season 1, Episode 8, “Nice Knowing You” provides a superb ending to a brilliant story, with New and Original Miles going head to head.

This recap of Netflix Series Living with Yourself Season 1, Episode 8, “Nice Knowing You” – the finale, contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Overall, Living with Yourself has been a highly creative series with brilliant writing, and to top it off, the finale, “Nice Knowing You” provided a wonderful twist to ignite a second season.

Episode 8 begins with Original Miles (Paul Rudd) with the FDA; they suspect he has cloned himself, and the somewhat amateur department that looks into the crime put him through a lie detector test with a broken machine. Due to the lack of funding in that department, he is no longer under arrest and is free to leave. I suspect this may come back to bite Miles in a later season.

When he returns home, his wife Kate is waiting for him — she’s apologetic, but Original Miles stops her from talking and explains to her that he has forgotten what was important, how he abandoned her. Before she could reply, he plays their wedding song, and he pulls her with an imaginary rope — they dance like everything was forgotten. This whole scene was a good routine and highlighted how Original Miles knew the dance better than New Miles, who tried it on their trip.

Meanwhile, New Miles saw this unfold from upstairs, accepts defeat and returns to his home and thinks about killing himself.

When Original Miles and Kate stop dancing, she reveals that she slept with New Miles. In all his fury, Original Miles calls New Miles and says he is going to kill him — with New Miles unable to kill himself, he invites his other self around to his apartment, hoping he does the job.

Episode 8 shows that Original Miles is unable to kill his clone, despite New Miles mocking him for never getting the job done. After a rather funny fight, both men hug on the floor and point out each other’s flaws. At this point, Kate walks through the door and sees the carnage.

Kate sweetly expresses that Original Miles is her husband — their memories are real. As New Miles states he will leave, she stops him in his tracks and reveals to both of them that she is pregnant and because they have the exact same DNA, she will never be able to know who is the father. Original Miles takes the news well, and all three embrace the prospect of having a baby.

Living with Yourself Season 1, Episode 8, “Nice Knowing You” closes with the prospect of a second season.

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  • November 29, 2019 at 6:31 am

    She only had sex with new Miles 2 days ago, if she’s pregnant enough to know she is pregnant then its original Miles’ baby. Hard stop.


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