Daybreak Recap: Bad Things, Good Reasons

October 24, 2019
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“The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA” gives us some backstory on Angelica and reveals some of Turbo’s emotional trauma as the gang tell a lie that will inevitably come back to bite them.

This recap of Daybreak Season 1, Episode 3, “The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Our point-of-view character for Daybreak Episode 3 is Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind) since Josh (Colin Ford) is occupied after needlessly slicing his finger off at the end of the last episode. She’s the best character anyway, so it hardly matters. In the flashbacks, we learn of her early days peddling prescription drugs hidden in slime, and her anxieties over having had to grow up mostly alone.

In the present day, Angelica and Wesley (Austin Crute) need antibiotics for Josh, but Eli (Gregory Kasyan) won’t play along so they need to find them elsewhere. Josh, meanwhile, is under the watchful eye of Ms. Crumble (Krysta Rodriguez), who may or may not be about to eat him.

“The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA” is also, I believe, the first time we get to see the fully scarred visage of Turbo (Cody Kearsley), who is still obsessing over Josh.

These subplots all progress throughout Daybreak Episode 4. The search for medication takes Angelica and Wesley to a pharmacy where they are saved by Demi and her Cheermazons — an all-female warrior tribe with a vendetta against men, including Wesley, though Angelica argues that him being woke, gay and black excludes him. We also see in flashback Demi’s relationship with Angelica, who battered her with a lunch tray, leading to extensive surgical reconstruction of her nose. She looks good for it if I say so myself.

Ms. Crumble debates whether to kill Josh with her tight-lipped doll heads. Finding a gang of maggots in a nearby bin, she fills a big bowl with them and dips Josh’s severed finger stump in it. The maggots eat the bacteria-infused flesh, preventing the infection from spreading, and Angelica’s antibiotic slime brings him around. But his friends have bad news: Sam (Sophie Simnett) is dead.

She isn’t, obviously. It’s a ruse cooked up by Angelica and Wesley to convince Josh not to leave the mall looking for her. We learn in “The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA” that Angelica has always envied Sam, so there’s probably a part of her that wouldn’t mind the idea of her being out of the picture. But she’s also fond of Josh; she believes she’s doing a bad thing for the right reasons, which is why a lot of people do bad things. You can understand.

At least she’s more emotionally mature than Turbo, who has one of the nerds read inspirational sports quotes to him. The nerd goes off script, kindly reassuring Turbo, who gives him a hug — maybe that’s all he needed. Then again, he does sentence the nerd to death afterward, so there’s probably a bit more work to be done. In a downbeat ending to Daybreak Season 1, Episode 3, he cries while surveying his kingdom, as Baron Triumph finds Josh’s finger on the ground and eagerly eats it.

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