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“Canta Tu Vida” puts the pieces of Ms. Crumble’s past together, as she and Angelica attempt to join the Cheermazons.

This recap of Daybreak Season 1, Episode 7, “Canta Tu Vida”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The gimmick of Daybreak Episode 7, which focuses on Ms. Crumble (Krysta Rodriguez), is that her recollections of the past might not be — what’s real and what isn’t remains uncertain almost entirely throughout, and the flashbacks are all presented as an old-fashioned sitcom directed by Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind). This show has continued to come up with new and interesting ways to meddle with the format, and “Canta Tu Vida” is no exception.

After discovering that they lied about Sam’s death, Josh (Colin Ford) kicks Angelica, Wesley (Austin Crute) and Eli (Gregory Kasyan) out of the mall. There is similar dissent among the Jocks, too. Barry (Jon LeVert) is trying to recruit members to the cursed golf team, and Turbo (Cody Kearsley) is keeping himself to himself.

Ms. Crumble sets out looking for Angelica. In further flashbacks she imagines herself as the lead singer in an all-female Latina Morrissey cover band. She has sex with Burr (Matthew Broderick) but can’t remember if it was real or not; why would she sleep with someone like him? In the present day, she finds and blags her way inside the Cheermazon lair, where it’s explained that there are three tests that have to be passed in order to join. The first is a banquet. All of the food is delicious, but it’s also toxic. Only one thing is safe to eat. Revealing herself to Angelica, Ms. Crumble points out to her that it’s the water. They both pass. A Cheermazon has to smart.

Josh, meanwhile, is devising a plan to save Sam (Sophie Simnett), though he doesn’t get much further than the first step in that plan, which is to start the plan, before he has to break off to eject Eli from the mall again, this time disguised as a Hasidic Jew. Sam, though, might not need saving. She’s debating with Barry and Mona Lisa (Jeanté Godlock) how Turbo is becoming increasingly unstable and unpredictable.

The second Cheermazon test in Daybreak Episode 7 is to kill a bunch of mall Santas with their bare hands. In the process, Ms. Crumble saves Angelica’s life but accidentally reveals herself as a ghoulie in the process. Before she’s put on trial, more flashbacks reveal that she figured out that Burr was changing grades in exchange for bribes, and that she has been inadvertently helping him. When she confronts him they scuffle and he throws her down the stairs — she isn’t crazy, she has a traumatic brain injury. The Cheermazons vote unanimously that she be killed, but Angelica intervenes, saying that binary is basic, and that the other option is that they both leave. This was test three, it turns out, and she passed it. She’s welcomed into the Cheermazons.

In a touching scene in “Canta Tu Vida”, Ms. Crumble tells Angelica that she has remembered her real name, but that it doesn’t matter because she’s not that person anymore — she’s becoming someone else. Angelica wants her to stay with her, explaining that she needs her.

To cap off Daybreak Season 1, Episode 7, Josh is lured to the roof of the mall by a girl named Mavis, and he says that just before the bombs went off he broke up with Sam.

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