Daybreak Recap: The Hunt Is On

October 24, 2019
Jonathon Wilson 5
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“Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 2” provides a potential explanation for the apocalypse and some closure for Josh — and a last-minute surprise.

This recap of Daybreak Season 1, Episode 9, “Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 2”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

In a surprising development to kick off Daybreak Episode 9, Turbo (Cody Kearsley) is overthrown by Burr (Matthew Broderick), who was recruited by Sam (Sophie Simnett) and Mona Lisa (Jeanté Godlock) to take back control of the school. Things were getting out of hand under Turbo’s leadership, so it’s time for a change. Turbo is tossed in a skip, presumed dead, but Wesley (Austin Crute) arrives to rescue him.

Of course, Burr can’t just be allowed to roam free without suspicion. His fresh shave and claims of being reformed don’t instil much confidence, and neither does the fact he seems to be the only remaining unaffected adult after a disaster that wiped the rest out. In an attempt to assuage suspicions, he says that he and Sam can try and find out why all the kids survived and the adults didn’t.

As should be obvious, “Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 2” is focused on Josh, who is back to breaking the fourth wall and apologizing to the audience for breaking up with Sam the way he did. Daybreak Episode 9 gives us more of his flashbacks, this time to an annual hunting trip with his father that they shared despite the lack of elk to hunt. It was a bonding experience that Josh was too young and stubborn to recognise as such at the time, and is something he now evidently regrets.

In the present day, Josh wants to use Eli’s (Gregory Kasyan) Baron Triumph outfit to get into the school and rescue Sam, but Eli is reticent to help as ever; it takes Josh walking us through a previous flashback scene — his narration of which Eli hijacks in another clever formal twist — and exposing his love of Magic the Gathering cards to get him to reconsider.

Elsewhere in Daybreak Episode 9, Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and Ms Crumble (Krysta Rodriguez) turn up to help Wesley heal Turbo. Burr, meanwhile, believes he has figured out that the HPV vaccine was what saved the kids from the bomb; the only one affected by the blast were children whose parents were anti-vaxxers. It’s as good an explanation as any.

A brief moment to mourn the loss of Eli in “Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 2”, who dies without much ceremony when he’s mistaken for Baron Triumph. Luckily the perpetrator, Hoyles (Rob H. Roy), is promptly raped by a giant pug, which is not a sentence I ever thought I’d write.

In a totally unsurprising development, Burr drugs the students at the school. Sam finds Barry (Jon LeVert) in a cupboard, an arm and a leg missing, his amputated appendages having been blended up in Burr’s Barry smoothies. It’s a takeover.

Josh makes a final visit to one of his father’s hunting trips, one that he didn’t actually go on in reality; in a touching sequence, Daybreak Season 1, Episode 9 allows Josh to thank his father for teaching him what he needed to survive and to say his emotional goodbyes.

To end “Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 2”, Josh infiltrates the school dressed as Baron Triumph, running into Sam before a bomb suddenly goes off.

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5 thoughts on “Daybreak Recap: The Hunt Is On

  • November 13, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    Not that something so unusual and obviously family should warrant a trigger warning but uh yeah DB wth man…that rape scene was super disturbing and unnecessary. Mainly because it was humorize. Must the show is a dark comedy of course but I don’t feel the violence is as numbing in simply how unrealistic it’s presented here…and yeah giant mutuant pig rape is too…but it seemed like Hoyles himself was the punchline there over the absurdity of it all alone, which is the common way Daybreak successfully manages to conceive their jokes. They certainly make it so we understand how brutal and wrong and just no-rules-applied chaotic the modern lord of the flies apocalypse circumstance they’re in, is…and without being desensitizing. Unlike this episode. Where that was pretty much the first time I felt that way, and it annoyed me. Also Eli was my favorite so…this freaking sucked ugh. But my major issue is just the how the rape scene was portrayed or why it was added at all. Daybreak didn’t disappoint me before that. And no, I’m not SJW/PC–that was just big WTAF/Why moment to the max, *even for DB.* Smh, this was quickly becoming my favorite show but Episode 9 was messy and I’m worried for how this is about to end. I predicted Sam’s mistake earlier so that didn’t surprise me either.

    • November 13, 2019 at 10:38 pm

      Yeah it definitely came out of nowhere and I don’t think anything would be lost if it wasn’t there at all. I actually had to watch the scene twice because it all occurred so quickly I couldn’t make sense of it at first.

      • November 17, 2019 at 4:35 pm

        Yeah it was definitely gimmicky and for shock value. And considering the scene was supposed to focused on Eli…what purpose can we even pretend it actually served?

        It reminded me of one of those out the blue disturbing add-on tricks Ryan Murphy would use where you craft something impressive and great…and then suddenly have a psycho stick a tire iron up the a**s of the man’s he’s knocked out, and soon after leads to bleed dry, along with his turbulent loved, getting killed/to die at the same time.

        What is the point of going SO over the top at times like that? It doesn’t attract more viewers…or at least the kind to be taken seriously.

        All the same I like your recap and agree with it pretty much.
        I haven’t found many good writers for DB at all, so you’re refreshing. Whether or not you care about it all that much or even like it, it’d be interesting for you to also review a couple episodes of the next season.
        I’m going to give a chance as bizarre as the show can be.

      • November 17, 2019 at 4:39 pm

        Thank you. I’ll definitely be covering the next season if there is one.

  • April 14, 2021 at 10:11 pm

    alas, there wasn’t another season but it deserved one, maybe?!?

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