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If you get bogged down by big-budget Hollywood movies, Ashmina may just restore your faith in the craft of filmmaking.

In the paragliding capital of the world, Ashmina works helping the tourists out of their equipment, in the hope of earning a tip or two to keep her father happy. Unlike her brother, Ashmina gets no “pocket money” and is not allowed to go to school. Wanting more than she has, it’s often the small details that shape a future.

Ashmina is another short film with a long pedigree. It was voted best film at the 57th Krakow Film Festival and the 35th Jerusalem Film Festival and has been shown at 80 such events worldwide up to October this year.

The film is written and directed by Dekel Berenson, who captures the mood of Ashima perfectly. The small cast reflects the small world she inhabits, and the minimal dialogue enhances the frustration Ashmina has with the people in her life that expect nothing more from her except the role they have forced upon her.

When the final betrayal of Ashmina occurs, she reacts in a frightening and callous way, turning her character around, and leaving the viewer shocked.

Beautifully shot, and subtlely acted, this short film is another example of how directors in this field are making films that are engaging, thought-provoking and often mesmerizing.

The format allows attention to detail and proves that often, less can be so much more.

If often like me, you feel bogged down by big-budget Hollywood movies that seem to focus more on spectacle than storytelling, it may do your soul good to watch a few of these short films whenever you can.

It may restore your faith in the craft of film making, and you may be watching a rising star.

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