Green Eggs and Ham Season 1 Review: Bringing Dr. Seuss’ Story To Life In Flavourful Fashion

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 6, 2019 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series Green Eggs and Ham Season 1


Based on Dr. Seuss’ story, Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham will become a family favorite for many, in a world based on an engaging friendship.

It’s exciting to watch Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham Season 1, the Dr. Seuss story turned kids’ series now perched within our thumbnails. It has a charm about its style — the way the characters bounce on the screen and expand their world with slight snippets as it slowly grows. Its engaging nature is well received, ensuring that it can be watched together as a family. Green Eggs and Ham is charmful, colorful and most certainly enjoyable.

My praises will come as no surprise if you are aware of Dr. Seuss’ work. I’ve not been intensely exposed to his content, but I’m no stranger to its wild style. Characters are aggressively other-worldly and markedly imaginative. In the opening chapters, where you are introduced to a rather grumpy inventor named Guy (voiced by Michael Douglas) and Sam (voiced by Adam Devine), you are unearthing a world that is bonkers, but it somehow forms a flawed logic that appeals.

And beneath the quirkiness and the distinct universe, Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham brings our characters together over an escaped chickeraffe — a type of made-up animal I never thought I’d write. The rest of the series brings our characters together for a journey, one that reasons with themes that adults will enjoy and children will understand. Green Eggs and Ham is a perfect family-combo waiting to be unleashed, and it is an applaudable decision by Netflix to commission it.

The main theme of Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham Season 1 is its deep-lying urge to convey friendship. It understands the union of polar opposite people trying to arrange common goals, and of course, a certain flavorful dish. Though I’d like to add — I wouldn’t touch it.

I suppose with so many days to go before Disney+ grips the family market, Netflix’s response is to uphold niches that Disney is unable to touch, for now, and I am not entirely sure if that’s an entirely a positive thing to observe. For now, Netflix has a few tricks up their sleeves to keep families watching their streaming platform together. Green Eggs and Ham Season 1 is delightful to watch.

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