DC Previews Round-Up | January 2020

November 8, 2019
Louie Fecou 0
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These are our DC Previews for January 2020. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in December by clicking these words.

Here are some of the new DC titles arriving next year.

DC Previews for January 2020: Batman Titles

Good news for haters of Tom King, as 2020 sees new writer James Tynion IV taking over the title starting in January with Batman #85 and #86. Batman has new plans for Gotham, but Deathstroke is back in town with a new contract. Batgirl #43 finds our hero sent to Chicago to face her estranged mother, Batman Beyond #40 sees Blight looking for a new lease of life, even if it means taking Terry’s, Curse Of The White Knight hits issue #6 of 8, while Warren Ellis continues his maxi-series with issue #4 of Batman’s Grave. Bryan Hill presents Batman and The Outsiders #9 with Ras Al Ghul on the hunt for Black Lightning, and mad genius Neal Adams writes and draws the bonkers issue #5 of Batman/Ras Al Ghul. Joelle Jones continues an underrated run on Catwoman, issue #19 with Carlos under attack, and over in Detective Comics #1019, the Silent Knight story concludes. Detective Comics Annual #3 will be available, with the death of Alfred taking the spotlight, and for younger readers, there’s a graphic novel by Shea Fontana called Overdrive.

DC Previews for January 2020: Superman Titles

Bendis writes another one-shot for the Man of Steel, Superman Heroes, that shows the effect that Superman revealing his identity to everyone has had. Meanwhile, in Action Comics #1019 Bendis continues to explore the identity reveal as Superman battles Luthor, The Legion Of Doom and Leviathan. Supergirl #38 by Jody Hauser guest stars Wonder Woman, Superman #19, again by Bendis, continues the theme running through the rest of the titles, Matt Fraction gives us Jimmy Olsen #7 of 12, and Batman/Superman #6 see the heroes face the Secret Six.

DC Previews for January 2020: Other Stuff

Aquaman #56 has a guest writer, Kyle Higgins, and the countdown to Aqua baby has begun. Flash Forward issue #5 is nearly at the finish line, and Flash #86 and #87 with the aftermath for Rogues Reign and the speed force in chaos. Freedom Fighters concludes with issue #12, gen:Lock is at issue #3 of 7 and Green Lantern Blackstars hits its conclusion with issue #3 by Grant Morrison. Hawkman is in trouble in issue #20 as he has been infected by The Batman Who Laughs, The Justice League are stranded in issue #39 by Scott Snyder, while Justice League Dark issue #19 sees Wonder Woman in battle with Circe. Speaking of Diana, she gets a 96-page 750th issue special with a whole host of writers and artists on board, Bendis also writes issue #3 of Legion Of Superheroes, he gets everywhere doesn’t he? Metal Men is at issue #4 of 12 by Dan Didio, and Dan Jurgens continues a long stint on Nightwing with issue #68. The Question mini-series hits issue #2 of 4 by Jeff Lemire, and Shazam issue #10 by Geoff Johns introduces the 7th family member. In a darker tone Suicide Squad #2 follows on from the carnage of issue #1 by Tom Taylor and Teen Titans #38 deals with the reveal of the true identity of the Other.

DC Previews for January 2020: Joe Hill!

Scary stories for mature readers, whoever they are. Basketful of Heads is at issue #4 of 7, The Dollhouse Family creeps to issue #3 by Mike Carey, and The Low Low Woods is at issue #2 of 6, all Black Label titles.

DC Previews for January 2020: And the rest…

Hellblazer continues with issue #3 by Simon Spurrier, Doom Patrol: Weight Of The World concludes with issue #7, Dial H For Hero is at its penultimate issue with #11, as is The Wonder Twins, and Young Justice reaches issue #12, can you guess who wrote it? There are a few Dollar Comics out from DC and they are reprinting the first appearance of Harley Quinn from Batman Adventures #12, which is probably one of the most sought-after modern key issues of our time, so grab a copy while you can.

My picks will be Hellblazer, and I will peek at the new creative team on Batman. Fingers crossed.

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