Let It Snow Review: A Joyful, Playful, Heartwarming Festive Movie

November 8, 2019 (Last updated: January 31, 2023)
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Let It Snow is a joyful, playful and heartwarming festive movie that will entertain and soften the grumpiest of scrooges this Christmas.

Let it Snow (Netflix) tells multiple stories of young people in a rural, bleak and seemingly mundane town in America. With little in the way of things to do, the young people feel trapped and limited in their opportunities and choices for the future. On Christmas Eve this little sleepy town is covered in snow, stopping residents in their tracks and canceling any plans they had hoped to fulfill. This group of teenagers faces their truths and problems head-on with little choice to do anything else. With dreams of college, friendship, romance, and careers Let it Snow tackles them all. This movie is a coming of age story that explores more than one way to become mature and to become the person you were meant to be.

Let it Snow is upbeat and positive, there are issues addressed in this movie that will relate to many audience members of similar age. Very much in Love Actually fashion, this movie spans numerous narratives within the same timeline and area. Here is the list of stories you can expect: We follow a couple who have yet to admit their love to each other, a girl coming to terms with self-love, a teen with the desire to be confident about her sexuality, a wannabe DJ looking for his big break, an intelligent young woman looking to chose between being a carer and going to college, and finally a celebrity looking to escape the falsities of his universe. As you can see, the narrative is quite extensive, and yet Let it Snow is remarkable comprehensible and smooth. The fluidity of Let it Snow is a result of great scriptwriting as scenes flow from one story to another with ease and little disruption.

Let it Snow is a perfect festive film; the characters are hopeful, encouraging and loving, there are no bad guys, only teens trying to find their way. This diverse film is enjoyably inclusive and diverse, where differences are played as strengths and the friends’ only aims are to support and lift each other up. Furthermore, Let it Snow shows younger audiences that problems should not be tackled alone as the characters are encouraged and praised for seeking help from their friends. With this in mind, the movie also does a noteworthy job of tackling quite important and current issues that the youth of today often find themselves in the middle of. For example, there is a quite subtle tackling of social media addiction and phone obsession, where clearly a character’s mental health and perception of the world is skewed by the device in her hands. The phone is taken away and our character is forced to face reality and approach her problems head-on rather than behind a screen. It is an interesting narrative that approaches the subject of balance and reveals much about a person’s idea of reality when it is seen through a filter.

Continuing the topic of issue, Let it Snow handles quite mature and heavy subjects with frivolity and delicacy. When Julie faces the decision to stay home with her dying Mom or go to college (on the threat that if she doesn’t go now, she will lose her scholarship) things get quite emotional. Even so, Let it Snow is fair and moving in the way the mother reacts to Julie’s dilemma and pulls at heartstrings when she tells Julie that life is for living and not for missing the opportunities the universe provides. Heavy subjects in mind, Let it Snow remains warm, sensitive and incredibly life-affirming. The movie is full of delightful resolutions and peaceful acceptance of things that were meant to be.

Overall, Let it Snow is a wonderful winter warmer, a celebration of all things joyous and shines a light on the positive sides of living and the hopefulness of the future. The movie shows audiences a festive take on the coming of age story from all angles. With themes of love and friendship reigning supreme this movie will have you feeling optimistic about what is yet to come. I highly recommend Let it Snow this Christmas when you may be feeling a little blue or down about things that are yet to come. Although Let it Snow is incredibly predictable, it certainly is forgivable as you wrap yourself up in the cozy atmosphere and inviting surroundings. The characters are lovable and rosy, it would be hard to watch this film and not feel at least a tiny bit inspired to be braver and more direct about your approach to life and all of its quirks.

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