Marvel Previews Round-Up | January 2020

November 11, 2019
Louie Fecou 1
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These are our Marvel Previews for January 2020. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in December by clicking these words.

Marvel Previews for January 2020: X-titles

So Jonathon Hickman continues to revamp the X-Men Universe, and you can expect issues #5 and #6 of his flagship title in January. The Krakoan leaders attend an economic forum to show the humans what real powers look like. New Mutants #5 and #6 by Ed Brisson sees Armor lead the New Mutants home, while in Marauders #5, Ice Man goes Omega level under the wing of Gerry Duggan. X Force #5 and #6 by Benjamin Percy shows us that deadly choices carry dark consequences, and over in Excalibur #5 and #6 by Tini Howard reveals the secret of Rogue’s coffin — I didn’t know she had one. Fallen Angels #5 and #6 see Husk and Bling join the team,

Marvel Previews for January 2020: New Titles

Donny Cates starts a new run on Thor with a new issue #1 featuring, of course, multiple variant covers, and ironically my favorite variants are usually the ones by classic artists, in this example the Kirby one is the one that caught my eye. Issues #1 and #2 see the oncoming Black Winter and Thor in space looking for a way to save Asgard. Guardians of the Galaxy #1 is by super Hulk author Al Ewing, and this could be interesting as Ewing continues to channel Alan Moore in his ongoing series.

Marvel Previews for January 2020: Event Titles

Another year, another barrage of events from Marvel, kicking off 2020 with, of course, Iron Man 2020 by Dan Slott and Christos Gage. Issue #1 of 6 is out in January, and SPOILERS Arno Stark is Iron Man. The event will run through till June and will cross over with Force Works Machine Man Iron Heart and Rescue 2020 #1 and #2. You heard it here first. There is a follow on from Absolute Carnage, with 3 one-shots featuring Carnage, Sabretooth and Dracula, under The Ruins Of Ravencroft banner. This will lead into a 5-issue mini-series called Ravencroft by Frank Tieri. If that’s not enough, look for another series of one-shots under the umbrella The End which presents us with the final stories of your favorite Marvel heroes. Look for Captain America, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Miles Morales, Venom and  Doctor Strange.

Marvel Previews for January 2020: Mini-Series Titles

Star #1 of 5 by Kelly Thompson sees the spin-off Captain Marvel character get her own series. Alex Ross and Jim Krueger launch Marvels X #1 of 6 (with a Ditko cover variant — get that one). Daily Bugle is a 5-issue series featuring the cast from Spider-Man in a newspaper drama, Avengers of the Wasteland is a 5-issue series by Ed Brisson set in the world of Old Man Logan. Tarot is 4 issues by Alan Davies featuring Sub Mariner and Captain America and most of the other Avengers too. Jessica Jones gets a mean and moody 6-issue run by Kelly Thompson that was originally an online comic, but they have released it now as a hard copy so more people can probably ignore it too. Mathew Rosenberg starts a new 5-issue Hawkeye story and the return of Ronin. Atlantis Attacks, again in January by Greg Pak, with Agents of Atlas in a water-based epic story that will shake allegiances, break hearts and… sorry, I nodded off there.

Marvel Previews for January 2020: Single Titles

Tom Taylor presents his one-shot Immortal Hulk title with The Hulk merged with Spider-Man, Web of Venom: The Good Son is by Zac Thompson and will we finally see what Dylan Brock is becoming? Probably not. Marvel’s Avengers Thor is a prequel to the upcoming video game.

Marvel Previews for January 2020: Ongoing Titles

Jason Aaron continues on The Avengers and issues #29 and #30 brings the conclusion to Starbrand Reborn. Immortal Hulk #29 and #30 has lots of old classic Marvel giant monsters in it. Savage Avengers #9 starts the Quest To Kill Kulan Gath. Issue #4 of Ghost Rider sees the start of a new arc. Black Panther #20 has the second part of Wakanda Unbound. Fantastic Four #18 has Dan Slott showing the aftermath of dropping a big secret from the last issue. Deadpool #3 features a Kraven battle, Valkyrie Jane Foster #7 has a team-up with Marvel’s Mightiest Medics, yep you read that right. Morbius continues to be spooky in issue #3 by Vita Ayala. Venom is stuck on an island in the second part of this storyline by Donny Cates. Black Cat is at war in issue #8 of her whimsical title by Jed Mackay. Spider-Man #37 and #38 has started the build-up to Last Remains by Nick Spencer. Daredevil’s excellent run continues with issue #16, guest-starring Elektra.

Marvel Previews for January 2020: True Believer Titles

Look for some glorious Marvel reprints to tie into Ravencroft, including Spider-Man #14, the first Green Goblin, and Daredevil #131, the first Bullseye.

I am holding on with Immortal Hulk and Daredevil, and I might grab Tarot as Alan Davies is brilliant.

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