Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago Review: Reliving His Career Where It All Started



Netflix Special Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago sees the American actor/comedian reminisce about his career and describe his wholehearted love for doughnuts.

Netflix Special Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago will be released on the platform on November 12, 2019.

American actor and comedian Jeff Garlin offers a slice of his comedy on Netflix in a casual but amusing fashion. He’s a man that is clearly proud of his career, waltzing on stage, opening up with jokes about not liking naked men, especially in gyms, and then he lets his audience know that he has been doing comedy for 37 years.

Let that sink in — 37 years.

And when he said that number, I tried to imagine what it would be like to put on your poker face and enter the spotlights to an audience repeatedly for that length of time. The number of times he must have wondered whether his jokes would land that night.

Of course, as an actor, Jeff Garlin has made strides in that arena; Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Goldbergs are his noticeable stand-outs. In the often fast-paced entertainment industry, we often forget the graft that goes into surfing stages and television production, and the veterans that remind us years later.

And it is obvious Jeff Garlin plays on this. Our Man In Chicago relives moments where he attended terrible gigs and had to endure the most bizarre stage set-ups. Jeff provides the audience with some insightful, hilarious stories and he can barely contain the laughter himself.

The comedian really peaks when he tells the audience about his obsession with doughnuts. He insists that it is almost impossible to have one single doughnut and that it has to be a few in order to be a worthwhile experience — this leads on to a time that he had 36 doughnuts, a memory that had strange repercussions in two separate moments in his life. It’s safe to say, the man loves them.

And even if you are only slightly aware of the comedian, Netflix Special Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago is contagiously funny and while it is not original, you can respect an experienced entertainer playing his well-oiled routine.

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