Dollface Season 1 Review: Hulu Series Relies On The BFFL Vibe

November 15, 2019
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Dollface Season 1 delivers enough on its concept to serve a second season, however, the whole BFFL vibe only takes it so far with many average chapters.

This review of Hulu Series Dollface Season 1 contains no spoilers.

Dollface follows Jules, a character that has spent five years in a relationship, and during that time, Jules forgot to stay connected with her girls. The Hulu series centers on sisterhood and relies heavily on that BFFL (Best Friends For Life) vibe.

In the opening chapter, Jules is lost; no friends, no social life and no-one to vent her sadness at after a sudden breakup that was not expected. Jules decides to beg Madison back into her life, who is rightfully stubborn after no contact for years. Dollface has its moments where it cuts away and reimagines Jules in a world where she is lectured by a cat lady, played by Beth Grant. It’s useful to know, that the cat lady actually looks like a cat, but in human form.

As well as relying on the “sisters before misters” theme, Dollface often enjoys its quirkiness. Regardless of the imagined cat lady creating hypothetical situations for Jules, the series wants to be weird in its own way. Everything is satirical comedy in the real world, with Jules’ friends all presenting an extreme version of their personalities.

And I believe the Hulu series relies on Jules’ friends more than Jules herself. Jules is not exactly the most exciting character. She has been shackled in a relationship for years, and the story puts her on an arc where she discovers who she is again. She has to learn about feminism, girl code and how to sleep with other men and not catch feelings in a fast-paced world of modern dating.

Conceptually, Dollface Season 1 has all the ingredients to put a smile on your face, but some episodes are hit and miss. The Hulu series attempts to throw Jules and her friends in a range of different scenarios to make ten bite-sized 30-minute episodes, but you can almost sense that the writers lacked finding magic in the script. Once the cat lady and the other imagined world enjoys its scene time, there’s not much flair and juice left in the story. It all becomes a little average, even when it drives towards the remaining chapters, there’s something not quite there in the story.

However, it does have the potential to strengthen for Season 2. Dollface Season 1 does not need to be the end of Jules and her companions. It’s not like the story is insufferable or boring, it’s just very so-so.

Our coverage of Hulu Series Dollface Season 1 does not finish here. You can read the recap of episode 1 by clicking these words. 

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