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“Wade Delayed” leaves Wade stranded on a flight and his daughters in the care of his friends — what could go wrong?

This recap of The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 7, “Wade Delayed”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

There’s a certain anxiety that parents feel when they have to, for whatever reason, be far away from their kids. And Wade (Walton Goggins) feels it more than most since his wife has passed away and he needs to head to Atlanta for work, leaving Grace (Ruby Jay) and Natalie (Makenzie Moss) to fend for themselves. Sort of, anyway. Delia (Michaela Watkins) can take them to school, and if they wait for an hour in the library afterwards, Wade can pick them up on his way back from the airport.

Only he can’t since as the obviously-titled The Unicorn Episode 7 suggests, Wade is delayed at the airport. The hilarious customer service doublespeak can’t tell him how long for, or even why. When he requests a transfer, he’s exorbitantly charged. Luckily he can pay with his frequent flier miles, and those are in his late wife’s name, so once he’s forced to reveal that she passed away he immediately gets a top-priority transfer and the fee waived.

In the departure lounge bar, Wade meets Ava (Missi Pyle, seen recently in Bob Hearts Abishola), whom he gets off on the wrong foot with when he assumes she’s buying him a drink and turns her down. Turns out she’s just afraid of flying. On the flight, which is itself delayed indefinitely, Wade tries to make amends and winds up sandwiched between Ava and Brent (Wesley Thompson), whose perplexed double-takes make this whole thing twice as funny.

Meanwhile in The Unicorn Episode 7, Grace skillfully manipulates Delia into letting her “study” at a friend’s house, just so long as she arrives at Michelle’s (Maya Lynne Robinson) in time for dinner — which of course she doesn’t. Natalie (dubbed Tatalie Natalie for telling tales) gives the game away, so Delia and Michelle go to retrieve her from the garage of her “friend”, a teenage lad, though luckily she’s just playing Mario Kart and lost track of time. Still, it’s enough to make Delia and Michelle frantic about what the future holds for their own daughters, who’re growing up just as quickly. And, of course, Wade can never know.

Speaking of Wade, the pressure of knowing that he’s all Grace and Natalie have causes him to have a panic attack on the flight, and Ava and Brent need to help him through it. When we first cut back to them he’s holding Ava’s hand; the next time he’s holding Brent’s, too, and telling adorable stories about the girls. Ava softens to him and apologizes for misjudging him — he’s not a creep, he’s just a mess, which he agrees with. As a thank you for helping him through the flight, he offers to take her out for a drink, but she says the whole widower thing is a bit much for her. Then they’re awkwardly delayed another 20 minutes.

Having learned that, despite the insistence of his friends, not every woman he encounters is going to consider him an eligible bachelor, The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 7 ends with Wade asking his friends to keep him humble by pelting him with insults. He might have a fivehead and apparently a few too many teeth, but at least he has his chums and his girls.

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