The Knight Before Christmas Review: A Sweet Festive Tale On Netflix Adjusting To The 21st Century



Heartwarming, romantic and trying to be as original as it can, Netflix film The Knight Before Christmas is as Christmassy as it gets leading up to December’s festivities.

Netflix film The Knight Before Christmas tells the story of a 13th Century Knight who is sent to the present day and is asked to carry out a quest in order to return. When he teleports to the present day, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) starts falling for high school science teacher Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens).

The Netflix film is your typical Christmas movie to keep you warm. In many ways, the first act reminds of when we were first introduced to Thor; the God of Thunder unable to adjust to modern-day society on earth. The Knight Before Christmas serves that charm; a Knight bolstering around a snowy Ohio, believing cars are metal horses and calling servers at cafeterias wenches. The Netflix film finds the right balance, easing slowly into the second act with Sir Cole starting to merge himself into the modern world in his unique way.

The Knight Before Christmas is a sweet festive tale designed for the hopeless romantics. Brooke is a character that is seemingly done with relationships, but Sir Cole’s quirkiness and persistence that he is from the 13th Century offer Brooke an alternative that is difficult to refuse. The pair offer genuine chemistry, as they share experiences together and understand the meaning of Christmas.

And if you are a passionate fan of the festivities, you’ll be happy to know that The Knight Before Christmas is as Christmassy as it can get, with plenty of snow, costumes and the anticipation of “Santa is coming”. Netflix has offered a slightly original Christmas romance story that deserves to remain in the thumbnails.

Of course, The Knight Before Christmas feels longer than it should be — the story only has a small scope, but it manages to stay in your memory that Sir Cole is not from the present day. The general premise never escapes but as the story mostly involves Sir Cole getting closer to Brooke while also trying to figure out his quest, then it does sag slightly in the third act.

The Knight Before Christmas is a genuinely good choice leading up to the big day while cozying up with your family on a lazy Sunday.

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