DC Previews Round-Up | February 2020

December 2, 2019
Louie Fecou 0

These are our DC Previews for February 2020. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in January by clicking these words.

DC Previews for February 2020: Batman Titles

Batgirl #45 sees Gotham in ruins after the Bane debacle in Batman, and Batgirl wants to know “Who Really Owns Gotham” by Cecil Castellucci. Meanwhile, over in Batman #88 and #89, new writer James Tynion IV continues to unravel the conspiracy that threatens to rock Batman’s world, including a secret allegiance between Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman, probably something to do with the Batman movie from 1966. Dan Jurgens continues a stellar run on Batman Beyond with issue #41 and Curse Of The White Knight is at issue #7 of 8 by Sean Gordon Murphy, watch for a variant cover with Harley. Warren Ellis hits issue #5 of The Batman’s Grave, more action at Arkham, and Bryan Hill makes it to issue #10 of The Outsiders, with Ras Al Ghul out for Black Lightning. Batman/Superman #7 sees the duo setting up new measures to stop villainous plots like the infected happening again, there’s a nice card stock variant on offer here too because comics aren’t expensive enough as they are. The sublime Joelle Jones writes issue #20 of Catwoman, why isn’t everyone reading this run? Detective Comics issue #1020 sees the return of Two Face in the ruins of Gotham. Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity hits issue #3 with The Joker hot on Harley’s trail, and Jeff Lemire is on another Black Label book Killer Smile concluding the 3-issue run.

DC Previews for February 2020: Superman Titles

Superman Villains #1 is a one-shot by Bendis and friends seemingly surprised that Superman is Clark Kent, Action Comics #1020 by Bendis is the fallout of the alliance between Leviathan and The Legion Of Doom guest-starring Young Justice, Greg Rucka brings us Lois Lane #8 as the story crosses over with the Clark Kent reveal, guest-starring The Question, Supergirl #39 guest stars Wonder Woman, Superman #20 has a card stock Bryan Hitch variant which looks nice, while Superman Smashes The Klan concludes with issue #3 and Matt Fraction’s whimsical Jimmy Olsen run muddles on with issue #8.

DC Previews for February 2020: Special Stuff

The Flash celebrates his 750th issue — is that really an anniversary? — with an 80-page epic starting “The Flash Age”. Lots of writers and artists collaborate, as Flash is under attack by Paradox. Remember Amethyst? No, you probably don’t but DC is rebooting the character in a 6-issue series by Amy Reeder. DCeased gets a new lease of life with 3 issues of The Unkillables by Tom Taylor. Crimes Of Passion is another prestige 80-page $9.99 book with a host of stories focussing on crimes, and passion I presume. Godlike omnipotent occult magic mage of comics Grant Morrison starts “season 2” of Green Lantern with a 30-page first issue of the next run. Harley Quinn and The Birds Of Prey is a 4-issue Black Label title designed to tie into the film out around the same time as this.

DC Previews for February 2020: On-Going Stuff

Aquaman #57 sees the birth of Aquababy! First appearance speculators! Flash is at issue #88, as well as #750, which is confusing, by Joshua Williamson. Harley Quinn hits 70 with our gal in LA, and Hawkman is at issue #21 with Sky Tyrant doing something and Hawkgirl doing another thing, Justice League Dark is at #20 with The Floronic Man causing all type of trouble in The Parliament Of Life, and Justice League #40 and #41 launches a new arc for the team, with the return of the Superman Eradicator. Dan Abnett writes Justice League Odyssey #18 with Darkseid against Jessica Cruz. Legion Of Superheroes reaches issue #4 by Bendis, it’s the origin issue with some subplot about Aquaman’s missing trident, ’nuff said. Red Hood Outlaw #43 by Scott Lobdell ambles onwards with metahumans and magic everywhere, Shazam #11 finally hits the stands with the penultimate issue to the current arc, Teen Titans #39 continues “The Djinn War”  not to be confused with The Dijon War, The Terrifics issue #25 is a 40-page special issue. Wonder Woman #85 and #86 by Steve Orlando continues with more Leviathan fallout, in case you forgot that was a thing, and #86 has a nice variant cover by Jenny Frison.

DC Previews for February 2020: Scary Stuff

Black Label Joe Hill stuff continues with Basketful Of Heads #5, Daphne Byrne #2, Dollhouse #4 and The Low Low Woods #3. There’s also a new title from the Joe Hill imprint called Plunge, a 6-issue run by Hill himself. All mature horror titles. Sandman Universe continue its umbrella over Books Of Magic #17 with Tim’s doppelganger willing to do anything to stay in our world, The Dreaming #18 sees vortex Rose Walker taking center stage, House Of Whispers #18 sees The Corinthian shattered into thousands of pieces, and Hellblazer issue #4 continues the revival of the original character. Lucifer #17 by Dan Watters has Odin’s Four Horsemen on the hunt for Lucifer.

DC Previews for February 2020: Limited Series’

Year Of The Villain #3 of 4, “Hell Arisen” continues by James Tynion IV, Flash Forward concludes with issue #6 and Wally makes a dramatic decision. Gen Lock hits #4 of 6 and Cammie’s on the hunt for Chase, Gotham City Monsters concludes with issue #6 by Steve Orlando, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy rumble to a halt with issue #6 by Jody Houser, Inferior Five seems to conclude early with issue #6? Did anyone read this? Let me know. Martian Manhunter also ends with issue #12 while Metal Men #5 of 12 has more robot mayhem and the return of OMAC. Rwby 5 of 7 sees Ruby having to make her way through a maze, the hot comic Far Sector reaches issue #4 of 12 by N.K Jemisin, and if you haven’t picked up issue #1, you should get it NOW.

I’m looking forward to Hellblazer #4, Catwoman #20, and there’s a facsimile edition of FLASH 123 that I will buy because I will never be able to afford an original.

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