Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show Season 1 Review: Absurd, Creative & Funny Netflix Series Creates A Good Flow Of Funny Sketches



Creative, funny and often absurd, Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show Season 1 is a worthwhile addition to Netflix, highlighting the first and only all-black house team.

Bulldozing onto Netflix on December 6, 2019, is a whole new comedy sketch series starring an All-Black Upright Citizens Brigade Troupe — Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show Season 1 is as crazy as the promos suggest (YouTube), but there’s one certainty — audiences will laugh.

The series opens with a reality-based scenario where the troupe has to live together. They fight over who gets what room but most importantly, who possesses the moon lamp. From here, the Netflix series puts the audience on a road of sketches; some are outlandishly hilariously, while others are splashed with pop culture references that encourage a slight smile.

The unique selling point of Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show is the transparent chemistry between each performer. It is clear that the members haven’t been banded together for the purpose of the Netflix series. Their work together began back in 2013 when they became the first and only all-black house team. The group’s back and forth is well-timed, constructed with the wildness of their writing. While terrestrial TV may have not found a space for the theatre group, streaming appears to be a sensible home for the troupe.

Each episode is short and snappy; a respectable 20 minutes each and six chapters long. Audiences will fly through the series in under 2 hours and will be hoping for more. Each chapter is as absurd as the previous, but it is creative and funny, and the black themes are culturally and politically relevant as the troupe is determined to implement societal tropes within the comedy, and they do so with ease and education.

Will we see Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show return for a second season? There’s been no news to suggest that Netflix has ordered a second helping, but if the first season is a resounding success with the viewing figures, then I do not see why not. Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show Season 1 has a good flow of funny sketches.

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