V-Wars Recap: Bloods In and Bloods Out

December 5, 2019
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“Cold Cold Ground” marks the midway point of the season by bringing various characters and plot strands together to decent effect.

This recap of V-Wars Season 1, Episode 5, “Cold Cold Ground”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

We reach the halfway point with V-Wars Episode 5, and are treated to more of the Bloods in “Cold Cold Ground”, as they increase their numbers and establish a base of operations while the main question from the previous episode’s cliffhanger ending is answered: Luther (Ian Somerhalder) managed to save Calix (Peter Outerbridge).

General May (Jonathan Higgins) takes over the operation at the DNS, resolves to get to the bottom of things, and addresses the nation, equating the vampires with terrorists. The Bloods watch his address, as do Bobby (Greg Bryk) and the other vampire hunters, who you have to imagine would agree. But the vampires have a strong leader in Mike (Adrian Holmes), who unites them after being randomly promoted to their kingpin rather out of nowhere in the last installment.

V-Wars (Netflix) Season 1, Episode 5 recap: "Cold Cold Ground"

The DNS and Bobby prepare to move out. The former raid a house where vampires including Dani (Kimberly-Sue Murray) pose as comatose junkies. After being captured she’s able to escape and do some damage. She almost gets her teeth into Luther but he’s saved by the arrival and Bobby and the hunters. They injure Dani but she’s able to escape into the woods and Jimmy (Michael Greyeyes) is told to give chase. Away from prying eyes, they come to an agreement. Shortly after Jimmy reveals himself to Luther and a badly wounded Dani is delivered to Michael.

Mike, clearly incensed by getting to know his troops in V-Wars Episode 5, addresses the nation to let them know that a war is coming, and the vampires have their own right to survive. Dez (Kyle Breitkopf), in a last-minute reveal, might be joining them.

“Cold Cold Ground” was a slight improvement over some recent efforts, bringing characters together in a way that isn’t necessarily surprising but at least makes sense for the story. Where are things going in the second half? We shall see.

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