Artemis and The Assassin #1 Advance Preview

December 7, 2019
Louie Fecou 0

AfterShock is getting ready to launch a new series Artemis and the Assassin next March, and it’s about time.

Writer Stephanie Phillips and Artists Megham Hetrick and Francesca Fantini bring a sci-fi thriller to the company’s roster of titles, that features a top-secret assassination organization that will travel through time and interfere with watershed moments in the timeline.

The assassins are for hire, and top agent Maya is sent to kill Virginia Hall, a WW2 spy, charged with carrying plans about the invasion of Normandy. Hall’s execution would mean catastrophic effects on WW2, but will she complete the mission?

When asked about the inspiration for the new title Stephanie says, “I’m a huge fan of old pulps and was initially inspired by unexpected team-ups like Doc Savage and The Shadow.”

The art is also integral to the pulpy feel of the book. Stephanie says, “The artwork is gorgeous, Meghan and Francesca have really brought this crazy pulpy story to life with their distinct style.”

The creative team is joined by Colourist Lauren Affe, letterer Troy Peteri, and cover artist Phil Hester, with Mark Englert. Dave Johnson also supplies an incentive cover.

Artemis and the Assassin has a $4.99 cover price for 32 pages and should be on the stands by March 18 next year.

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