Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #5 Preview: The Rip-Roaring Penultimate Issue Of This Bone-Crushing Series



Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #5 is a terrific read from a talented creative team that deserves a wider audience.

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The latest installment of the world’s greatest wrestling comic book makes it’s debut on Comixology on December the 11th.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #5, “Show-Me State of Mind”, continues the epic story of a disgruntled pro wrestler who declares himself “galactic champion of the universe” only to realize he seems to have declared wrestling war with an alien planet,

The series, from creators and writers Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin, is a fast-paced thrilling adventure that merges genres that really shouldn’t go together, but of course, they do.

The writing is fun and full of energy, the art from Kendall Goode is Kirby-esque and explosive, and the characters are as large as life.

Unfortunately, there are, just now, no hard copies of this book, but with Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #5 going online on the 11th of December, that means that the series only has one more issue to go to complete the run. Perhaps when it is all available, the lads might have a go at collecting it as a trade.

The way things are going, it isn’t hard to imagine an Indie Go-Go campaign allowing fans a chance to own the entire story in a graphic novel.

If you are thinking of checking the series out, it may be worth noting that it’s published by Starburns Industries Press, the comic book arm of the production company behind Rick and Morty.

If you are a sci-fi, adventure, or wrestling fan, you need to check this run out. It’s a terrific read from a talented creative team and deserves a wider audience

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