Marvel Previews Round-Up | February 2019

December 7, 2019
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These are our Marvel Previews for February 2020. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in January by clicking these words.

Yes, there is a new Wolverine title coming next year, written by Benjamin Percy with art by Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. Coming in off the back of the X-Men reboot by Hickman, the new title looks set to bring back Omega Red, too. There’s a whole bunch of variants, including a die-cut cover straight from 1992.

Marvel Previews for February 2020: X-titles

With the Sony deal playing heavy on the minds of Disney execs everywhere, look for a new mini-series featuring X Men and The Fantastic Four, 4 issues by comic legend Chip Zdarsky. There’s also a five-title run of specials featuring the X-Men coming from Hickman in 2020. Look for the first issue with Jean Grey and Emma Frost. Excalibur, X-Men, Marauders, X Force, and New Mutants, all make it to issue #7, with a couple of eights, in January.

Marvel Previews for February 2020: Miniseries’

Cashing in on the new show, Falcon and Winter Soldier get a 5-issue series by Derek Landy, with the ex Captains on the trail of a new brutal killer. Ant-Man also gets a 5-issue series, why not? So does Nebula, written by Vita Ayala — this cosmic series finds Nebula with big plans for her own future. The 2020 titles keep on coming with Iron Man 2020 at issue #2, 3030 Machine Man gets a 2-issue shot at glory, while 2020 Force Works get 3 issues. Kelly Thompson continues on her 6-issue Jessica Jones series, look for numbers #3 and #4. Alan Davis presents us with issue #3 of Tarot, and Gwen Stacy gets her own 5-issue series by Christos/Gage exploring her days before Spider-Man, The Green Goblin and the most defining comic book moment ever committed to the page. Creepy Arkham style series Ravencroft hits it’s second issue and Black Cat Strike issue #2 is on the shelves. Alex Ross is behind the 6-issue Marvels title, and issue #2 is worth a look, Avengers In The Wastelands is a 5-issue by Ed Brisson featuring some superheroes looking for Doctor Doom, presumably in The Wastelands. Garth Ennis continues his mini-series Punisher Soviet, it makes it to #4 of 6 this month and is worth a look, and Conan gets a mini-series, five issues following The Battle For the Serpent Crown.

Marvel Previews for February 2020: Spidey Titles

Amazing Spider-Man #39 and #40 by Nick Spencer finds Pete in a casino with supervillains and a JJJ-centric 40th issue. Spider-Ham mini-series hits issue #3 by Zeb Wells and is very silly, Amazing Mary Jane hits issue #5 and Mysterio is still trying to get his movie produced, Ghost Spider #7 sees Gwen continuing her adventures, and Miles Morales gets a 15th issue, and with his journal missing there’s panic in the air. Spider-Verse is at issue #5 of 6 and there’s a meeting with Spider-Man Noir.

Marvel Previews for February 2020: On-Going Titles

Donny Cates presents issue #3 of Thor with an appearance of Beta Ray Bill. Al Ewing of Hulk fame brings us the second issue of his Guardians of the Galaxy run, while Venom issue #23 has Venom Island coming alive, in a build-up to another event. Morbius and Scream both stumble through their 4th issues, and Immortal Hulk powers into its 31st issue and there’s a new monster in town, available for hire. Fantastic Four #19 trundles through a reveal in the Point Of Origin Conclusion by Dan Slott. Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates continues a galactic storyline in issue #21, and Wolverine and Punisher guest star in Ghost Rider #5 by Ed Brisson. Captain Marvel #15 sees the good Captain running out of time to kill 5 Avengers, and Savage Avengers gets an issue 0 with some classic reprint material as well as an issue #10 by regular team Gerry Duggan and Patch Zircher. Captain America #19 is just one title that has Gwen Stacy variants this month, there’s a whole bunch of them for you to collect if you have an incredible amount of disposable income, Jason Aaron gives us a double-sized issue of Avengers this month. The Temptation Of Anthony Stark is a dark tale in the 31st issue. Aero #8 by Zhou Liefen and Any Chu and Sword Masters #8 are from the Marvel Heroes imprint. Runaways #30 continues the biggest adventure of the team yet, and #Daredevil #17 and #18 will both be available this month as war breaks out in Hells’ Kitchen, the area in New York, not Gordon Ramsay’s TV show, although I would watch that.

Looks like Wolverine #1 will be the big-ticket this month — look for those hidden variants!

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