Not in the Conversation: 10 Award Season Snubs

December 14, 2019
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Not in the Conversation: 10 Award Season Snubs

Every year we get countless arguments and opinions on who should or shouldn’t have been nominated for the countless number of awards that we seem to go through every year. For this article, I will be looking at ten performances that are not going to get any sort of consideration but are brilliant to watch nevertheless. I have tried to pick roles that people aren’t even going to put forward, performances that nobody else is selecting, not roles that are ones that have been snubbed in my opinion. Please remember I haven’t seen every single film of the year and after consulting Twitter, I have a lot more to see. Anyway, here are 10 award season snubs.

1 – Rebecca Ferguson – Doctor Sleep

Rebecca Ferguson.png

Rebecca Ferguson plays Rose the Hat, the leader of the cult that goes around searching for people, preferable younger ones who have the Shining abilities. The cult takes them and makes them suffer by sucking the life out of them and using it to keep themselves young. Rose is a seductive character that uses her abilities to make sure they find the latest targets. Where Rebecca shines in this film comes from how she makes her character convincing; she always comes off strong, even after going into battle with the latest victim, who might be stronger than she is willing to admit. This is one of the best supporting roles of the year that should be given more attention.

2 – Jessie Buckley – Wild Rose

jessie buckley.png

Jessie Buckley plays Rose-Lynn who is released from prison, to return to her life with her children, despite the fact she still wants to chase her dream of being a country singer in Nashville, while living in Glasgow, Scotland. Jessie shows us how Rose is desperate to follow her dreams, how her life hasn’t gone to plan and is left torn between being a mother who only works to supply for her children or takes the chances that could make her dreams come true. The painful choices, the difficult life, are all shown in Jessie’s performance through the film.

3 – Billie Lourd – Booksmart

billie lourd.png

Billie Lourd plays Gigi, one of the wealthy students at the school, who always makes the biggest entrances. While Amy and Molly are on their big night out, they seem to constantly bump into Gigi in the different parties, giving us plenty of questions about how she is always at these places before the friends. Every time Gigi is on the screen we are going to be laughing, and even though this movie is cast perfectly, Billie is one that will still stick out.

4 – Samara Weaving – Ready or Not

Samara Weaving.png

Samara plays Grace, a bride to be whose wedding date takes a dramatic turn when she agrees to follow through with her husband’s family traditions, meaning she must play along with a game of hide-and-seek, with a deadly twist. Samara gives us some of the most genuine reactions, while slowly evolving into a truly kick-a*s horror character, who gives the perfect expression to whatever bonkers behavior she goes through, easily becoming one of the most popular original characters of the year.

5 – Florence Pugh – Fighting With My Family

florence pugh.png

Florence Pugh has had an incredible year, with Little Women getting plenty of awards buzz, Midsommar caused the horror community to become split once again, but in Fighting with My Family, Florence plays Saraya Knight, better known to the wrestling world as Paige, as she grows up in a wrestling family and is given a try out by the WWE, the biggest wrestling company in the world. This is based on the true story behind her early career right up to her debut on Monday Night Raw, where she made history. This was always going to be a strange biopic to pull off, with Saraya being so young still, but with the performances including Pugh’s we get one of the best comedies of the year.

6 – Jack Black – Jumanji: The Next Level

Jack Black.png

Jack Black was the best part of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, in the sequel The Next Level he returns as one of the avatars in the game. This time he has to work as doing his own impression of a black sports star, who is disappointed about being this character instead of Finbar. Where this performance works so well is just the natural flow that Jack Black brings to a generic teenage character; he will get plenty of laughs and joined by Karen Gillan, he gets more of the highlights than anybody else in the cast, a true great supporting performance.

7 – Jessica Rothe – Happy Death Day 2 U

jessica rother.png

Jessica Rothe plays Tree, who in the first film had to relive her murder to figure out who was trying to kill her. This gives us one of the most entertaining performances, even if the film did fall slightly short. This time she returns again, continues to deliver the brilliant comic timing and gets to dive into a more serious side to her character with the sci-fi aspect of the story. While the film is a big improvement, the performance is even better and it is her confident performance that elevates this movie to the next level.

8 – Octavia Spencer – Ma

ocatica spencer.png

Octavia Spencer is an Oscar-caliber actress stepping into a horror thriller as Sue Ann, a lonely woman that starts to invite the local school students to her house for parties without the police harassing them, only once they stop wanting to hang around with her, she starts showing a darker side. Spencer is truly fantastic in this role, where you feel unsettled by certain things, because one minute she could hug somebody, the next she could just casually run them over; her performance makes her feel unpredictable throughout.

9 – Zac Efron – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile

zac efron.png

The moment pretty boy actor Zac Efron got cast as serial killer Ted Bundy, people were shocked at how similar the two look, there was also one big question: could the normally comic actor Zac Efron pull of being a serial killer that struck fear into America, even though he always came off like a friendly person when meeting people? Zac delivered one of the coldest performances of the year, with the final ten minutes of the film being some of the most disturbing material put to camera, and this is thanks to Efron showing everybody how good of an actor he can be.

10 – Ian McKellen & Helen Mirren – The Good Liar

good liar.png

The final pick of these 10 award season snubs is a doubleheader, mostly because both Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren give us a truly fantastic performance with both getting to shine, McKellen as a veteran con-artist who has been taking advantage of people all over town, recently starting to target the widows. He comes off smooth as you like and when in danger he will become deadly. The pair showed why they are royalty in the acting world, in one of the most underrated movies of 2019, one people should be checking out.

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