When and Where Does Netflix’s ‘You’ Season 2 Come Out?

December 24, 2019
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If you enjoyed the first instalment, then Joe Goldberg returns for You Season 2. The first season was outrageously entertaining, highlighting a character whose thoughts are disturbing. They go beyond shower thoughts; in fact, you feel guilty rooting for him. As soon as the first season finished, audiences were begging for a second season and Netflix secured its commission. If you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, we’d recommend giving it ago – it’s bonkers and wildly written but that serves the entertainment. Let’s delve into what happened last season –– warning — spoilers.

What happened at the end of Season 1?

Joe Goldberg ran out of lives in Season 1. The woman we all assumed he murdered (Candace) turns up and Joe goes as pale as milk. It was almost like he saw a ghost. We expect Season 2 to be a straight continuation to this twist, with Joe fleeing to LA to start a new life under the name of Will. Expect a hard adjustment and way more disturbing thoughts from the lead character, with more obstacles that go in the way of his sinister plans.

What date is You Season 2 coming out?

Netflix have decided this year to release some major content to compete with the Christmas TV market. We got Lost in Space Season 2 on Christmas Eve. You Season 2 is coming out on December 26, 2019.

It will only be available on Netflix and not on any other platforms

What time can we expect to start our binge?

Netflix will release all the episodes at once at 12am PT/ 8am UK time. Get the kettle boiling early.

What’s the verdict so far?

The verdict is looking good. Ready Steady Cut gave the second season a respectable 3.5 stars out of 5.

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