Sex Education Season 2 Review: It Doesn’t Get Less Complicated Young Love Is Hard



Sex Education Season 2 continues on a firm roadmap to great storytelling, enhancing the teenage characters further as life gets more complicated.

This review of Netflix Series Sex Education Season 2 contains no spoilers.

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The main concern for Sex Education Season 2 is the risk of the writers making the story more intense and wackier than its predecessor. But from the start of the second season, it’s clear that the writers have a clear vision for the characters; it’s a natural continuation from Season 1. It feels like the seasons do not cross and the story remains “as is”. And that’s a wonderful comment to make about Sex Education because its original concept was solid and loved. This is Netflix’s Skins, and it survives on constructive character building.

Following on from Season 1, Netflix’s Sex Education finds the characters in limbo. Otis continues to pursue his relationship with Ola, Eric is continuing to find his place in the world and Maeve rebels as a self-imposed outsider desperate for a break from her extremely bad luck. There is, of course, Jackson that adds fuel to the story with his life as a pressured star swimmer, and then there is the closeted and misunderstood Adam, who has been sent away to the Army by his father and Headmaster Michael Groff.

Sex Education Season 2 does not shy away from the sex stories; in fact, it’s more intense with the scenarios. As the characters mature, so do the countless questions they have to deal with in terms of growing into an adult and engaging with others sexually. The story imposes that “young love is hard and that’s okay” with the characters battling with their aggressive hormones on a daily basis.

It doesn’t get less complicated in Sex Education Season 2. Season 1 left some crumbs to be dealt with; it’s difficult to forget the unspoken words between Maeve and Otis, the secret relationship between Jean and Jakob and Adam revealing his romantic feelings for Eric. Season 2 is like a boat on easy waters, waiting for the rocky storm to hit at any moment. It’s tension-filled, yet full of funny stories and progressive storylines.

The sex clinic is still explored in Season 2 but like Season 1, it feels less and less important as the story drags on. Credit has to be given again to Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey who perform their lead characters with conviction. This is no smear on the other members of the cast, but their respective characters and the stories they lead to keep you enticed the most.

There are plenty of teen dramas that are released on Netflix that continuously follow the same, dull formula we’ve seen in many other dramas. Netflix’s Sex Education sets itself apart with its fresh vibrancy, quirkiness, and efforts to genuinely implement a worthwhile, memorable story. It does not patronize teenage characters by assuming they have several story arcs at once for the sake of entertainment. Each character has their own life, their own mission — they are individuals not trying to fulfill a teenage fantasy.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Sex Education Season 2 will be binged and that can only be a good thing for Netflix.

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