Top DC Picks for March 2020

January 7, 2020
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Our top DC picks for March 2020 is a slight rebranding of our monthly preview series, in which we highlight some of the more noteworthy titles coming from DC in the near future. You can check out the last of those previews by clicking these words.

DC Comics celebrates Robin The Boy Wonder’s 80th anniversary in style with an all-star cast of creative teams representing each iteration of the character across 8 decades. This 100-page spectacular has stories from Marv Wolfman, Chuck Dixon, Adam Glass and many more with artists including Andy Kubert, Frank Miller, and Nicola Scott. There are variant covers from across the decades and this one-shot will cost you 10 bucks. With so many of these anniversary issues all following the same format, it makes me wonder if the company has found a perfect way of keeping profits high even with fewer titles on the shelves.

James Tynion has taken over from Tom King on Batman, and the new villain The Designer is causing all kinds of trouble for Batman and Catwoman in issues #90 and #91. Fans rejoiced that Tom King was off the book; he led fans on a merry trail promising a wedding that never happened, killing Alfred and recreating the Batman slaps Robin meme for real, so DC is hoping that the new team can restore faith in this flagging book. King fans can relax though, as in March he gets a shot at another classic hero with issue #1 of a 12-issue run on Strange Adventures starring Adam Strange. Brace yourself and expect a lot of existential navel-gazing on Rann.

DCeased 2: Unkillables continues the zombie superhero fan favorite with issue #2 by Tom Taylor. Those movie homage covers are just great though.

Sean Murphy gets to the end of Batman: Curse of the White Knight with issue #8 this month, and Sean continues to build his own corner of the DC Universe, with his fan labeled Murphy-verse. These series have proved so popular, they have also spawned some spin-off issues too. The Black Label releases from DC also appear to show the company moving their comics in other directions.

Catwoman #21 by Joelle Jones is the conclusion to the epic Villa Hermosa arc. This underrated book has been a fantastic thrill ride from issue one and it amazes me it gets very little recognition. Grab a trade of the first 6 issues and see what you think.

Joe Hill’s imprint at DC seems to get mixed reviews, his titles continue in March with Basketful of Heads #6, Daphne Byrne #3, The Dollhouse Family #5, The Low Low Woods #4 and Plunge #2. Let me know if any of you are reading these horror titles.

Hellblazer #5 will be out in March, and with 2 issues under the belt. This updated version of John Constantine has so far piqued my interest. I was a huge Hellblazer fan back in the day, but after the title got canceled at issue 300, and John was dragged kicking and screaming into the DC Universe, I gave up on the character. However, this dark, violent, controversial and funny series from Simon Spurrier has returned our Mage back to a blood-drenched London, thick with demons, mystics, and mystery, and John can swear and smoke and do terrible things, without worrying that Superman might see him.

Lovers of older comics may have been enjoying both Marvel and DC releasing glorious facsimile editions of key books that we will never be able to afford, and this March look out for Brave And The Bold #28 and Detective Comics #38. In a similar vein , the DC dollar comic reprints include Justice League #1 from 1987, Robin #1 from 1991, and Swamp Thing #57, where he meets Adam Strange.

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