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Medical Police Season 1, Episode 10, “Everything Goes Back to Normal… Or Do They??” sees the stakes higher and as funny as ever in the finale.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 10, “Everything Goes Back to Normal… Or Do They??” contains significant spoilers.

As expected, Episode 10, “Everything Goes Back to Normal… Or Do They??” is an action-packed finale for Medical Police.

The hospital is in lockdown due to Patten’s squad trying to prevent a cure from being spread. Lola (Erinn Hayes) and Owen (Rob Huebel) find a side room where they can produce the cure. Valerie, Glenn, and Cat group together to help prevent Patten’s squad from stopping the plans to produce a cure, so they maneuver around the hospital tactically to take them all out and to save the other medical staff.

Meanwhile, Lola is struggling to remember the cure.

So Owen has another idea; to go inside her brain lobotomy-style, and surge her with electricity to help her remember the cure. Lola ends up envisioning a classroom style set up with Professor Waters and she begs him to give her the missing piece.

The woman from the plane is back! She manages to find Owen and Lola in the secret room and starts fighting Owen; Lola is running out of time to remember. Owen strategically injects himself with adrenaline to help him fight the woman, and eventually, he strangles her until she is unconscious (or dead, I could not tell). Lola’s heart is nearly flatlining, and as she wakes up, Waters tells her the answer was on her the whole time. Lola wakes up in time and realizes the cure was tattooed on her arm the entire time.

Valerie, Glenn, and Cat appear and they celebrate finding a cure, but then Patten arrives with a gun to ruin the party — he claims once the virus hits 31% the world is over. It’s currently at 30% at this point. But Lola convinces him that they must save the world for the children, and at that point, children enter the world. Patten changes his mind and lets Lola create the cure.

After testing, the cure works but now they must spread it globally before it is too late. They decide to code the cure and signal it around the world so it can be spread via the 3D printers. Due to the internet being cut off by Patten, they spread the code via the satellite on top of the hospital.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 10, “Everything Goes Back to Normal… Or Do They??” ends with Sloane now the new director of CDC requesting more funding from the senator on National TV. On the news, it is reported that criminals are using gene-altering technology that could be extremely dangerous — Sloane rings Lola. There’s the second season, people.

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