Medical Police Recap: Water Parks

January 10, 2020
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Medical Police Season 1, Episode 4, “Mature Group Action” involves water parks and printers and a solution to stop the virus from spreading.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 4, “Mature Group Action” contains significant spoilers.

Medical Police continues to escalate as we start moving towards the midway point of the series. Owen (Rob Huebel) and Lola (Erinn Hayes) are scratching their heads — how on earth do they find Matteo’s brother?

Water parks apparently – the photo of Matteo and his twin brother is at a water park so, of course, they ask their trusted colleague who is an expert on water parks to provide a location: Denmark.

Owen and Lola head to Denmark, and one of the staff members tells them that the water park did not exist when the photo was taken — the photo is marked with 1975. They ring their trusted colleague again who states that the specific water park will be in France.

In France, they ask an older staff member of the water park if he remembers the two men in the photo. The staff member remembers them both well, stating how the twin brothers loved the water park, but after an incident, Matteo turned sinister. He reveals that the twin brother Franco now lives in Florida at a retirement community.

Off to Florida, they go.

In the retirement community, Owen and Lola learn that their ex-colleague Glenn works there creating new technologies to help the resident, for example, “boner pills”. He introduces them to Franco who does not want to hear about his twin brother, however, they need his face in order to unlock Matteo’s phone. Glenn thinks of a new idea; to use his 3D printer to create Franco’s face, so they sneak into Franco’s residence to steal his photos. Franco’s awake and he threatens them with a gun, so they all sing “rock-a-bye-baby” to lull him to sleep.

As they start the 3D printing process, Owen questions why they did not use Franco’s face while he was asleep.

The 3D printing works and the phone is unlocked. Owen and Lola learn of a “phase 2” for the virus and panic. They wonder what is consistent at each location — Lola realizes there is a 3D printer at each place. She asks Owen why he purchased the current model of 3D printer and he says it is because it’s the best. Lola learns that these printers can print the viruses.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 4, “Mature Group Action” ends with Lola ringing the director at CDC who manages to shut down the 3D printers. Everyone celebrates for stopping the bioterrorist attack. The director then learns that his department will be receiving no more funding due to the success of this mission. The director tells the senator that the threat is still out there, and as he says that, the scene flits to Sloane McIntyre — she’s still alive.

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